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For the eighth year in a row, it takes less than one sentence for Pluto to get a namecheck in your annual forecast. It is hard to underestimate the influence of a body that for a decade, scientists have portrayed as a dwarf planet, since it is half the size of tiny Mercury and two-thirds the diameter of our Moon. With a mean distance from the Sun forty times greater than our own, the orbit of this dark and icy world is glacial and protracted; also elliptical, eccentric and sharply inclined. Therefore some signs get the benefit of Pluto’s charms for longer than others. Sixteen years in your region of the heavens is at the shorter end of this spectrum, which Scorpio heads at around twelve years. Consider the other extreme; those living in the second half of the nineteenth century, saw Pluto take a whopping 33 years to complete its transit of Taurus.

So what does this planet symbolise, as Pluto approaches the halfway point of its lengthy sojourn in your constellation? Fundamentally, it is an agent for change; yet the prolonged nature of its stay means it acts almost unbearably slowly and at the same time, with a remorseless persistence that can be hard to countenance. This planet is linked with elimination and cleansing, so it will encourage you to dig deep into the depths of your psyche; meticulously and methodically bringing to the surface all those little workarounds and coping strategies you’ve developed, often long before you could have understood these mechanisms. Pluto draws issues to your attention that you have concealed, bypassed and buried due to their unpleasant and traumatic nature, or behaviours you have acquired just to survive sundry circumstances at a pivotal point in your development, that no longer has a real relevance. These quick fixes only work against you, sabotaging your intentions.
There is plenty still to understand about the bizarre corner of our Solar System known as the Pluto subsystem, with a mean surface temperature that could easily freeze air. To a competent astrologer, or anyone who has felt this planet in their sign, the potency of its action and the extent of any subsequent fallout have few influences that can match them. So far from undermining, ignoring or acting to diminish this planet’s status, it would be wise instead to ponder on the strength of our first double or binary planet, since Pluto’s biggest moon Charon is over half its size, lying nearby in cosmic terms as these two bodies rotate about a shared centre. The other four moons of Pluto, namely: Hydra, Kerberos, Nix and Styx are diminutive by comparison, plus they all orbit this pairing collectively.

At an estimated 248 years to circuit the entire zodiac, when Pluto eventually leaves your sign in eight years or so from today, it won’t return for over two centuries. This makes its current stay a unique opportunity for growth, that when it finally runs its course, you’ll never see the like of again. You are not the same person you were when Pluto’s visit started and you’ll be a different one by the time it ends, once many more insights and adjustments, have found their way to the forefront of your mind as the upshot of your experiences.

It’s just a pity that by nature you cling so very hard to the past, to the way you have traditionally done things and to the methods you have always trusted: in terms of the same old familiar perspective, priorities, reactions and opinions. This means Pluto needs to be especially tough on you, since the change of mind that is required, doesn’t come readily or comfortably at all. If you do not embrace the need to look at things another way as just your starting point, this planet’s power will let you back yourself into a corner, pushing you to your limits and ultimately far beyond, testing and eventually exhausting even your reserves of strength, fortitude and endurance.
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This planet can take you down like a tidal wave, drag you along the seabed and only let you grab a lungful of life-giving air, after you have broadly succumbed and were sure all hope was lost: when you had stared disaster, defeat and the previously unthinkable, full in the face. So it is only sensible to ensure this tremendous energy is directed appropriately and channelled towards goals that are truly beneficial and constructive; not just for you but for those around you too. Conventional wisdom describes Pluto as exalted in the sign of Leo and weakest in the constellation of Aquarius, with the former relating to your own ego and the latter to a group identity. Thus to work on yourself is a good idea: whether through psychotherapy, a formal programme of education, some kind of counselling or path of spiritual development; maybe finally admitting to yourself, that all your efforts at coercing others have achieved is just to leave you looking isolated, unhappy and irrelevant.

Yet this is an unlikely outcome when you are coming from such a bitter and entrenched position. Because of self-interest, insecurity and your behaviour in the past, you have too much invested in a particular turn of events. Still you could remind yourself that as one individual, others are legion. When you have thrown all you have to no avail; bent rules, ignored the principle of karma and undermined your credibility, sticking with what you’ve started is the easiest option, but not necessarily the best one. You could deliberate over how such a course has brought on the very consequences, you claimed most to fear. When you are stuck in a hole of your own making, don’t you think it is better to quit digging?
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