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Saturn, the sixth primary planet out from the Sun, is commonly regarded as the most distant in our Solar System, to be discernible with the naked human eye. Although this doesn’t entirely hold water nowadays, it still took a telescope to discover Uranus, Saturn’s second and most elusive neighbour, centuries after its brighter contemporaries. Uranus is infuriatingly faint and hovers around the limits of visual acuity even under perfect conditions; so it was not singled out for special attention until the late eighteenth century. Saturn by contrast, twinkles more brilliantly than any star at night bar Sirius and Vega, despite being outshone by all the original cast members of our Solar System. Among the classical planets, Saturn also moves most slowly through the zodiac. This is down to its distance from the Sun and the correspondingly longer path it needs to follow around it: establishing a unique niche when it comes to its significance and place in celestial legend and myth.

Saturn takes 29.46 years to circuit the zodiac and spends around thirty months traversing each constellation. It will only visit a particular part of the sky, two or three times in the average lifespan. So its arrival in your sign during the closing days of 2017, is not an eventuality you can play down or endeavour to ignore, even if you were so inclined. Saturn’s impact is bolstered by its complement of sixty-two known moons and counting. The largest of these is called Titan and actually has an atmosphere. To put this into perspective: Titan is 40% the size of Earth and 50% larger than our Moon. It is bigger than the dwarf planet, Pluto and the regular planet, Mercury. In addition, the arrival of Saturn in your sign on December 20 has vast purport, since yours is the constellation most closely coupled with this planet and its traditional governances.
Saturn’s last visit ran for the most part between February 1988 and February 1991, with a gap of five months retrograde in Sagittarius, to punctuate this period. So if you’re capable, cast your mind back thirty years. Your circumstances, experiences and the decisions you’ve made as a result, offer clues about what to anticipate: always assuming you’re purposefully ready to review these events.

To jog your memory of the last time around: Saturn’s visit coincided with a turning point in world history, aside from its impact on you as an individual. It heralded the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, the dismantling of apartheid in southern Africa, the beginnings of the World Wide Web and the emergence of the Morris worm, the first major computer virus to be propagated via this growing medium. On a previous occasion, Saturn’s passage through your sign marked the early days of 1959, through until the start of 1962. This witnessed the first astronauts, the advent of the photocopier, the decolonisation and independence of twenty-one African states, plus the mission of the American military in Vietnam.

You will appreciate then, these are never moments when water is trodden, but rather important milestones in a continuing process that requires one cycle to conclude, before another can commence. Consider Saturn’s previous sojourn in Capricorn between the years of 1929 and 1932, for example. The Roaring Twenties gave way to the Great Depression, scientists demonstrably split the atom, your AM car radio became an expectation, while Pluto was identified. Similarly, Saturn’s arrival represents a watershed in your personal affairs; one serving to separate past history from a future that promises to absolve you. For some time, you’ll have noticed that your usual methods of handling issues in your relationships, everyday affairs and within commonplace scenarios, no longer seem to work so effectively or completely as they used to do before.
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Matters that had formerly inspired and motivated you, have been supplanted by different considerations and priorities. The answers to your questions and the remedy for your anxieties don’t look so staunchly dependable either; leaving you with a sense of being cast adrift in an unfamiliar ocean, where you’re uncertain of what awaits you. Even those folk you were confident you could depend on and who seemed destined to be your companions for a long while to come, are conspicuous nowadays by their disengagement and lack of preoccupation with your curriculum. Although it is hard to assume a truly objective stance on where you find yourself, the cosmos suggests you are at a crossroads, as one stage of life nears a conclusion while the ensuing scenario remains for the most part to be detailed, defined and drawn.

Actually, the lion’s share of this procedure will already have occurred, but nothing yet has obviously filled the void left by this process. Thus you notice yourself looking backwards rather than directly ahead, as the past seems far friendlier than a picture that continues to coalesce. The coming months see a few ideas developing, some of which simply suggest clutching at straws; while others turn out to be more durable and lasting. Just as Saturn’s passage through your sign shortly prior to the Internet era, meant a record number of librarians in the United States; so what lies ahead marks a fundamental departure from its precursors, no matter those misgivings you are nursing privately.
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