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The twelve months between the arrival of the Sun in your constellation during 2018 and its return to the same position on your subsequent anniversary, denotes the scope of your celestial year. Around the world, the Sun’s entry to your sign marks the December solstice, the point at which the solar sphere lies at its southernmost declination, or perpendicular distance beneath the celestial equator: the Earth’s centreline extended outwards into space. Away from the tropics, this means the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere and a time of drastically diminished daylight for northern latitudes. As you travel further northwards and away from the Equator, this skew grows increasingly more apparent. The Earth tilts in its orbit at around 23°26, so these outcomes become pronounced when travelling towards more northerly climes.

At or above the Arctic Circle (66°33 N), where roughly four million people live nowadays, on the December solstice the Sun does not rise at all. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Russia, Alaska, Canada and Greenland are all witness to this phenomenon. Murmansk in Russia has a population of around 300,000 and is the biggest urban area in this hostile yet intriguing region: while Norway, Sweden and Finland all have smaller towns, even less populous cities in other parts of Russia; Norway and Finland. North American settlements are diminutive by comparison. In the Canadian Arctic and Alaska: Utqiaġvik (formerly Barrow, AK) with under 4,500 souls is the largest community. Your sign’s coincidence with midwinter in the Northern Hemisphere, adds fuel to its potentially forbidding reputation for coldness, austerity and reserve.
Still, roughly 11% of the world’s population inhabits the Southern Hemisphere and these folk, are enjoying the heights of summer. Regardless, the forthcoming period is dominated by the powerful and steely combination of Saturn and Pluto in your sign. This is nothing new: Pluto arrived over a decade ago and still has another six years of its lengthy sojourn left to run. Looking back to where you were when this distant planetoid first entered your sign, there is probably little left to compare with how your life looks nowadays.

Saturn only joined in around a year ago and continues to occupy your region of the heavens for a further two solar returns. Probably, bearing in mind the events of 2018 and the subtly different tone to your affairs, when contrasted with your prior transformations linked solely to Pluto, that seems an age. Yet such is the nature of this pairing: both these bodies are teachers in their unique fashion, so while their methods and modus operandi are hugely different, they serve equally to eradicate the old and outworn from your everyday environment, allowing new and fresher foliage to take up its space.

Although the waiting may seem interminable, patience is a virtue you are famously known to cultivate. Please be aware that beyond the scope of this forecast, better is on its way. In December 2019 Jupiter returns to your constellation, its first visit since a stretch lasting from December 2007 until January 2009. Similarly this time, Jupiter remains for over a year. Particularly while Saturn ducks temporarily into Aquarius during the second quarter of 2020, you can expect to see the joyful reasoning behind some of the changes you’ll have been experiencing. Jupiter is the primary harbinger of growth, prosperity, success and good fortune. The upheavals that have troubled you during 2019 assume a happier spin, with an element of liberation and broad horizons, as you escape from a restrictive scenario and a slightly troublesome feeling of insecurity.
: capricorn - december 2018/december 2019 :
In the meantime, it is crucial how you handle your affairs. The symbolism of this Saturn and Pluto mix is complex, because the latter augurs a fundamental metamorphosis that happens very slowly and over time, but is nonetheless wholly complete and irreversible in its outcome and effects. Saturn’s input is on the face of it, completely the opposite: since it represents consolidation, structure and building a foundation. Still, its mechanism can also be compared to pruning out an overgrown shrub for instance, which when you consider that Pluto only transforms what needs to alter for your benefit, gives these two some common ground. If you ponder upon how their contradictory influences might constructively amalgamate, then dispensing with conditions that no longer serve any useful purpose is clearly a good way to proceed.

Having done so, you find yourself in the perfect position to tidy up the loose ends, ensuring and envisaging better circumstances heading forwards. Pluto can be rather extreme by nature, so while you are within your rights to stand up for what is correct and proper, getting into unnecessary power struggles is not likely to work out for you. There will always be somebody stronger or who has greater popular support. Saturn has a link with karma and helps you get what you deserve. Act fairly, honesty and scrupulously: never allowing ideas such as greed, pride or retribution to colour your actions and standpoint. These planets meet exactly during January 2020, so you’ll recognise again how 2019 marks the ultimate finale of a major phase. It is a necessary process and because of how long it’s taken: some would say, about time.
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