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It is customary when considering the impact of the cosmos on your circumstances over the next twelve months, to concentrate particularly on the outer planets of our solar system: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These are assessed according to their relative position within the zodiac belt and any angular relationships they form to one another. Pluto was controversially classified as a dwarf planet in 2006, but this makes no difference to those tasked with interpreting its impact on human affairs. Likewise Chiron, another minor planet has been widely brought in to the frame, ever since it was spotted during 1977, circling between Saturn and Uranus. If you have heard that Pluto is diminutive, then consider Chiron at only 9% of Pluto’s size, with a diameter matching the distance from London to Taunton, as the crow flies.

Anyway, dimensions have never meant much where the power of a planet’s influence is concerned. Neither does a similar principle to homoeopathic potentisation apply. Pluto’s influence is comparable to that of Jupiter, even though the latter is almost sixty times larger and eight times closer to the Sun. What matters is that a planet’s effects have been established and predictably observed to repeat themselves, both in general and when passing through a given sector of the sky. After that, it all comes down to timing: just like a day is one rotation of the Earth on its axis, or a month is one circuit of our satellite the Moon, around the Earth. And the relative speed of a planet depends on its distance from the Sun, as those furthest away have the greatest mileage left to cover, taking longer to traverse and transit each constellation.
Also Chiron and Pluto have elliptical paths, moving slower through certain sectors compared to others. Chiron speeds across Libra in two years, but crawls through Aries in nine. Pluto hurries through Scorpio in twelve years, but drags its feet through Taurus for about thirty-three. The other planets are more regular, thus: Jupiter takes one year to transit each zodiac sign. Saturn requires two and a half years, Uranus demands seven and Neptune needs fourteen years, all directly proportional to how far these bodies lie from the Sun. The remaining planets orbit inside the asteroid belt and along with the luminaries, are regarded as more useful when assessed on a weekly or monthly basis; rather than looking further into your future.

Anyway, the primary intention behind this astrophysics tutorial is to help put things in perspective. No less than four out of the six main significators, change sign over the next twelve months. This is an unusually large number; when ordinarily one and occasionally two is more frequent. Admittedly, Chiron doesn’t enter Aries until April 2018 and Uranus won’t reach Taurus until a month later, so these indicate a germinating trend, rather than one set to dominate the months immediately ahead. Of course, everyone will eventually encounter a similar symbolism. But some will cope more happily and naturally than others. With your versatility and love of variety, after a phase of some adjustment you’ll likely fare better than most.

Still, Chiron suggests that while not everything you were hoping for has come to pass, perhaps especially where your professional interests or worldly aspirations are concerned; the entry of Uranus into the sign before yours lets you believe you’ve made sufficient changes, to permit you to express yourself more fully. Even though these may not be obvious on the surface, they are sufficient for you to feel more comfortable in your skin and confident the world is a stage suited, to the current narrative of your personal development.
: gemini - may 2017/may 2018 :
You may behave less conspicuously than beforehand and feel less bothered by who notices: yet paradoxically, you’ll have a greater sense of satisfaction and more to say, once Uranus finally completes this transit. In the meantime, Neptune at the apex of your horoscope, implies a sustained period of idealism surrounding both your professional objectives and wider hopes. Impractical, confused or woolly thinking is not rewarded, as Pluto encourages you to reassess your position with regard to the wider world. This may have a bearing on your financial reserves and you’re wise, not to depend on your partner’s resources; the lure of government grants, credit in general or any outside support.

Once Saturn moves into the same sector of the sky as Pluto in December, you will need to keep a keen eye on your material affairs and any property concerns, especially where others also have an input. In some instances you’ll have to tighten your belt and take some tough decisions. Throughout, there will be those you can trust to join you on your journey and others who in a perfect world, ought never to have been put in the position they are now or allowed to wield the influence they do. Some situations can be resolved, but others need you to extricate yourself, no matter how unpalatable the prospect. From October; Jupiter promises you’ll have lots to do and must ensure you stay strong. Such gravity seems in stark contrast to a more light-hearted period beforehand, but ultimately it is only a passing phase. If you shoulder your responsibilities and don’t dodge what needs to be addressed, it is simply a stepping stone leading you on to the next horizon.
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