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The year ahead is one during which on a number of levels, your relationships are going to play an important part. Pluto’s passage through a region of your horoscope linked with shared values and possessions, continues to redefine the basis of all your interpersonal connections, particularly when it comes to your experience of intimacy and more broadly, how much you are willing to share with those closest to you, both on a material and more importantly, a personal and emotional level. The way you cope with extensive and far-reaching changes, along with your ability to put lingering disadvantageous and destructive elements of the past behind you, are similarly put to the test. Your mission is to recognise and regenerate unproductive or even damaging patterns of behaviour, that were instilled during your childhood and early on in life.

You will be encouraged and ultimately to some degree compelled, to examine your attitude towards the material world and the compromises you must make to ensure your material security. You’ll be required to review the adjustments and sacrifices distinct elements of this equation necessitate and how valuable each component of this whole picture is to you. Many of your closest associations will undergo a period of examination and trial, as Saturn slowly transits through your opposite sign. This process has been underway for the best part of twelve months prior to the start of your current year and requires you to take matters of the heart very seriously. A lighter tone prevails from September, but until then the subject of your deepest emotional needs, finds an obvious expression mainly via your home and family affairs.
In terms of friendship and within your social group, the theme of independence is prominent and in keeping with an idiosyncratic array of expectations, you have developed over recent years. You aren’t entirely sure where these aspirations are leading you yet, but the people you count as friends prove a big part of this process. As such, you’ll need to escape prior strictures, expectations and habitual associations that have become boring, predictable or staid. You’ll be drawn to unusual and individualistic people who aren’t afraid to speak their mind or to stand up and be counted, who’d never call a spade a gardening implement or tell you what to do. Meantime, those who seem evasive or untrustworthy, get short shrift. You are not averse to ploughing your own furrow, while new people come to fill the space left by those who’ve already departed.

But within any connection on a one-to-one level there is a different atmosphere altogether, as you endeavour to figure out who really matters to you and where other associations have seen better days. The universe confronts you with issues around commitment, responsibility, duty and obligation as you review either voluntarily or otherwise, the essence of what exists between you and your spouse, romantic partner, fond friends and business collaborators.

In several close connections that probably used to play a central role, you’ll find the problems outweighing any benefits, no matter how hard you try to recreate prior circumstances and the good feelings that used to exist between you. Then, you’d be wisest to take the long view and if you’re smart to walk away, since although you’ll be able to hold matters together if you are determined and resilient, in a few years it is likely you’ll be face the same issues over again, only with a far greater urgency and with less scope for manoeuvre, despite minor improvements in the interim. Still, the best and happiest links for you, will manage to survive and deepen.
: gemini - may 2016/may 2017 :
Nonetheless, you can expect your partnership affairs to need more of your attention than usual and for you to have to play an anchoring role. Perhaps your partner is enduring exceptional stress, so they need you to be especially supportive. They could be overworked, so would appreciate a helping hand and your sympathetic ear. Or maybe they are experiencing a bout of ill health, once again requiring your help. Money can be an issue too, with the need for you to make an increased contribution to the collective kitty. Some will find themselves single and apparently alone, but from September through until beyond your next birthday your chances of meeting someone new are enormously enhanced, particularly if that person is from a different age group, walk of life, background, nationality, religion, ethnicity or region of the world.

Any romantic partner would also need to work hard and offer the same dedicated approach as you. Remember despite the difficulties this is actually a growth process in the end. A sense of permanence one way or the other, bodes well for your home life and for establishing a solid foundation. It is thus the perfect time for moving house, or for setting up home together, in a better neighbourhood and with bigger premises, somewhere you have more freedom and are able to be yourself. This is also a great moment to fix up where you live already, to redecorate or carry out a limited range of improvements, that do not cause extensive disruption or drag on for too long. An elderly parent may come to stay, or if you were hoping for a baby, and to get on better with the children that you must deal with regularly, then this is another encouraging sign.
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