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As we approach your next astrological year, running from the Sun’s entry into your sign during July and for the twelve months following, plenty of your options still depend on other people, to a greater extent than you would like. Yet on the face of it, you maintain most of the same freedoms that you have customarily enjoyed. It’s just such a lot rides on how folk respond to what you put out, because a hostile or lukewarm reception can undermine your joie de vivre significantly. Also, the sensation of change echoing around the zodiac and impacting on everyone, suits you better than most. There are two ways of looking at this situation: one is clearly positive while the other seems less so, at least to a casual observer. But you have the chance to end the forthcoming period, in a happier space than the one you occupied as it began.

This depends to some degree on how you handle things, but then again: not everybody is lucky enough to be able to say the same thing. And in addition more subtly, these celestial trends imply that there is more about your situation currently in need of revision and updating: especially when it comes to your health, work and career, or regular routines and relationships all around. As a fixed sign, you are extremely determined once you set your mind to something. This is both enviable and admirable, just remember that some distinction exists between dedication on the one hand, versus obstinacy and obsession on the other. Plus, you’ll need the insight and imagination to see beyond your current course of action and to discern alternatives, which can be difficult if you’ve been staring at the same range of options for a long while.
Of course, you know you aren’t one to run yourself needlessly into the ground. You’re aware what you do has worth, so you need to strike a balance between shining as the alpha star in an indistinct constellation, versus acting as one of the most influential, but less prominent players across the wider universe. At least from October, Jupiter ensures whatever happens elsewhere, you will know for sure that a supportive domestic situation and sympathetic network of family lies behind you; even if among your siblings and certain more distant relatives by marriage for example, the chasm that has developed between you, is probably unlikely now ever to be closed.

Too much has happened and an era has reached its conclusion; numerous agreements have repeatedly been dismantled and countless confidences arbitrarily betrayed. Even in the less than likely event this applies to those you are currently living with and who possibly you are dependent on financially, the key is not to point the finger, apportion guilt or blame yourself. This is a moment to move on without recrimination, leaving the past firmly where it belongs and looking forward to a brighter future. As a welcome outward manifestation of these stellar machinations, there are corresponding improvements to where you live and in your home…

If you’re lucky enough to play a part in an inclusive and welcoming community, then you should expect your surroundings to assume a greater role, and to increase their influence while becoming more noticeable behind closed doors. Your family may expand if that is what you want, while your living conditions become less cramped and restricted, if folk are currently intruding on your personal space. Perhaps you are inspired to beautify and revamp your immediate environment: improving your furnishings and decor; redecorating and even remodelling your closest surroundings, to render them engagingly unique and better suited to what you now have in mind.
: leo - july 2017/july 2018 :
During this period you may decide to move house: to an area where you feel more comfortable, with extra space or where you can be more yourself. Your health needs attention, since you aren’t impervious to the ailments other people suffer: especially when it comes to your heart, circulation or lumbar vertebrae. Also your expansive nature does the same to your waistline, if you’re not very careful. Similarly, those with children or who associate closely with younger people: towards whom you have a sense of obligation if not exactly sharing a biological link, reach a watershed into the bargain. An improving atmosphere proves as pleasurable and perhaps unexpected, so long as you don’t try to dodge your obligations or responsibilities up until around the December solstice, from whereon thereafter, everything grows steadily rosier.

Ultimately, this year sees you propelled back into the spotlight. You don’t have to wait very long either before what is already, in typically understated fashion being dubbed the Great American Eclipse. This is the first total eclipse of the Sun, visible from the contiguous United States since 1979. But you’d have to go back to 1257, to see one that only touched what is today called American soil. Including just the mainland US, you’d be reaching to the year 436, as the previous instance hit Hawaii too. And you’ll need to wait another three hundred years for the next example to occur. So guess what? The forthcoming solar eclipse falls in your sign. You should watch your weekly and monthly horoscope for further details, but to say you have an important year and have finally reached your tipping point, is a massive understatement.
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