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For the first few weeks of your coming year, your finances continue under an auspicious and productive trend, whether you are aware as this period begins of how well things are working out for you, or you haven’t had the chance to get a handle on it yet. Also if you can read between the lines from an objective point of view and take an informed angle on proceedings, your economic interests assist you with pinpointing developments on a far deeper and more esoteric level, covering matters with a fundamental and profound significance, if you are ready to see the signs. Money is a crucial factor in several respects nowadays, but it is not and never was supposed to be the sum total of all you do.

While you cannot expect your financial good fortune to be so exceptional once these ongoing trends depart your sphere of influence during September 2016, your outgoings thankfully, won’t prove as overwhelming either. During the interim the spotlight remains on what you consider to be your unquestionable priorities, throughout the twelve months ahead and until the next anniversary of your birth, especially when in strictly empirical terms your cash flow starts to appear stickier. How you dispose of your earnings, is one of the best guides on offer, for picking out what you personally prize and that you consider to matter the most. Certain expenses are essentially non-negotiable, but with the rest there is an element of leeway, when it comes to those you decide to emphasise and others you are less keen on letting seize focus.
For instance, some are drawn to save regularly for their future, while their contemporaries prefer to live for today since tomorrow looks after itself. A number might consider their two weeks in the sunshine as vital and necessary therapy, while others work long hours without a break, so as to maintain the prestige vehicle they run and that mostly sits in the garage or outside of their home. Therefore, to take a less self-centred and materialistic slant on proceedings is a tough lesson, the past few years have taught you.

You are tempted to consider how a few folks are celebrated decades after their demise for their affluence and the luxurious lifestyle this bankrolled, but if you apply yourself momentarily to remembering their names, the chances are you won’t find many poised on the tip of your tongue. By contrast, it is easier to recall the identity of individuals who are universally recognised for their good deeds, or who have distinguished themselves through their own creativity, kindness, courage, chivalry, dedication, research skills and overall contribution to humanity, as just a few random cases in point. The bulk of these activities don’t preclude worldly wealth, but this is not their raison d’être nor the sole purpose of their existence.

As such, you have gradually come to acknowledge that where previously, you might put pecuniary advantage and the pursuit of personal advancement above everything else, the events that followed on from such a course of action did not in the end match the disadvantages or the disappointment, isolation, ostracism and alienation you endured as a consequence of this approach. All in all, this has imparted an important lesson, while the theme of learning, is a major one throughout the next twelve months. This may mean you’re heading back to square one, revisiting your educational achievements, considering night school, a return to skills training, or exploring your ability and talents in the workplace.
: leo - july 2016/july 2017 :
You may have found a subject or specialism that proves more fascinating than you ever imagined, that you are eager to investigate in your own time and deploying an unspoken curriculum, you have either consciously devised and quantified for your specific needs or that leads and guides you onward, apparently by itself. In the meantime, insights arise from some unexpected quarters. Travelling about your neighbourhood brings you into contact with people and situations, where a casual conversation or chance meeting reveals the solution to a perplexing conundrum you had thought over fruitlessly beforehand. Alternatively, you grasp with stunning and absolute clarity in a blinding moment of epiphany, a pivotal concern that has never consciously been on your mind. Watching those you live amongst; how they deal with each other and their unnaturally constrained circumstances could show you plenty, you weren’t expecting to be unravelled so close to home.

In addition, it is possible this year that your siblings, will begin to play a more influential role in your affairs, perhaps because they have been absent from your immediate circle for some time now or you live in different worlds, either literally or metaphorically and perhaps a mixture of the two. Some of what they have to say as they make their presence known again proves disconcerting and unpalatable, but inside you understand it only echoes, conclusions you had already reached and just needed to affirm. At the same time, you feel more optimistic, yet remain grounded in reality. Saturn suggests your children, or a romantic partner of a notably different age, could have plenty to teach you too.
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