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Life doesn’t generally, change so fast as folk suppose. Those weaned on their daily horoscope, packed with alluring pronouncements that for the most part will not ever come true, are routinely astonished when a professional interpretation of your future prospects, customarily covers the coming year in detail and may invoke more general trends over a considerably longer period. This is because the planets that make the biggest difference to your circumstances, need twelve months as a basic minimum to demonstrate their influence and impact. So while just as on paper, you suddenly grow a year older overnight, in practice this is really a gradual evolutionary process that has roots way beforehand. This year then, your individual development, is unexpectedly dependent on the financial resources and moral support of others.

Foremost among these will be your family, with the nurturing members of your immediate cohort playing the starring role. Typically, this might include your biological mother, another female relative, or a surrogate and potentially male figure: with the strength of the sentiment between you outweighing any difference in your genes. Where there have been difficulties in the past, you can expect to put these behind you, either in terms of an actual reconciliation that sees matters consigned to ancient history, or the gradual healing of old wounds that have previously distressed you. These factors will inevitably remain as a component of your experience, but the scars ought never again be so tender or troublesome as they have proven leading up to this point. You may want to move house, or to renovate and improve where you are living currently, as a reflection of the fresh start you are starting to notice inside yourself and to impress your relatives or social circle too, of course.
You might consider an upmarket neighbourhood; one that reflects your predilections and prosperity. You could extend and enlarge, or find yourself drawn to earlier haunts, revisiting a place that reminds you of where you spent a formative period. At the same time as considering your childhood, you could see children feature more in your everyday activities, especially from November 2018. Equivalent domestic expansion is a direct result. Perhaps you have a son or daughter growing fast: with a developing personality, finding their feet in the world. Maybe you are hoping to start a family or planning for a baby, in which case success via one route or another is yours.

It’s possible you are concurrently morphing into a grandparent, or the children of others will become a part of your existence in the happiest and most unexpected ways. The generation of a new life is considered by many, to be biggest creative act they undertake, whether they knew so or not at the time. Despite appearances: encouraging your offspring to fulfil their potential ought to prove a rewarding and positive exercise. Needless to say, if parenthood is the last thing on your mind, this is an opportune moment to note these criteria and to remember them with due caution and attention to detail, while always keeping one ear locked directly on the future.

At the same time, you also need to pay attention to your health. Pluto has occupied the region of your horoscope that governs these matters for a decade. No doubt you have seen its effects in your employment affairs too, since whatever takes most of your attention at a routine level, has altered considerably because of this trend. Further changes are on the way, even if you have stuck with your plans. Yet really such behaviour, only makes life difficult when the inevitable arrives and you realise what an unfulfilling exercise, it has all been. Saturn is a recent visitor to this part of the sky and remains until 2020. New ventures won’t show swift results.
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However, they can be expected to bear fruit on this sort of timescale, providing you work hard and prove equally persistent, when faced with few rewards during these initial stages. A retrograde Mars returns to this same sector between August and September, marking a critical juncture and a turning point for your well-being. Probably this harks back to issues that featured between March and May, that perhaps you supposed had passed. Actually, the time since then has been a period of remission, while the cause persists. The best idea is to address these issues proactively, rather than waiting for them to cause problems. Traditional weak spots for those born under your sign include your heart and lower back, neither of which appreciate neglect. A sensible health regime is wise, if you want to keep on enjoying life to the utmost.

Physical activity is a good idea, but overtraining isn’t recommended. Saturn bodes well for your bones, while Mars means your muscles: so putting these together suggests the chance of cuts, bruises, sprains, rheumatism, arthritis and plain injuring yourself. But a sport or other exercise that suits your accustomed level of fitness is advisable, even if this only means playing with your children and walking your dog. Beware overindulgence and watch what you eat: try to maintain a good intake of vitamins and minerals, to counteract the harsh effects of Saturn on your hair, skin and teeth. Maladies such as periodontal disease can rage unnoticed for a lengthy period, thus any precautionary examination or check-up is helpful: so as to allay your fears. Especially if you are of a certain age. Who isn’t and when weren’t you, after all?
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