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About Astrology ~ At the time of writing this is a great online astrology reference source. Run by Anthony Peña, who personally vets each inclusion, there are links here to everything astrology related and from all over the Web. Visit here first for anything from free software to detailed explanations about the precession of the equinoxes.
alt.astrology.moderated ~ This is the new home of one of the best-known astrology newsgroups, now thriving under the auspices of the more user-friendly Google Groups. Even a quick visit reveals an extensive range of astrological discussion, with a broad spectrum of opinion and with personal contributions from some of astrology’s leading lights.
Always Astrology ~ Here’s someone who has learnt a lot from their study of astrology and is inspired to spread the word. A few years ago there were many sites, created and run by an astrologer themselves. Then came WordPress, blogs and finally Facebook, while the work involved and the pace of change in software and cybersecurity, have seen many falling by the wayside.
Aquamoonlight Astrology ~ Essential UK site with easily accessible information on many different facets of astrological technique, from introductory to advanced. There is a whole section devoted to links and reviews of astrology freeware from around the Net, to free chart calculation services and to sources of celebrity data…
Astroblahhh ~ I’m not sure how I stumbled on this site, but it seems to be actively maintained in a rather idiosyncratic way. Anyway, I love the name and it is unusual to find a site connected with astrology that I haven’t already mentioned. In fact, more have folded every time I review my links. They often go to WordPress initially, before vanishing entirely as the Internet evolves.
Astrodienst ~ Heavyweight Swiss astrology site with a popular approach. Strongly orientated towards the psychological viewpoint, but with their free ephemerides and calculation services Astrodienst is an excellent resource for all those interested in more serious astrological application. It should be high on your list of sites to visit.
Astrofaces: Faces in Astrology ~ A fascinating and original site that addresses the perennial question of astrology’s influence on physical appearance. You can search the growing photographic database via a combination of Sun, Moon and ascendant placings. You can even submit your own photo if you wish!
AstroElite.com ~ Good astrology sites are getting hard to find. Every few months another handful disappear, leaving corporate entities to plug the gap with generic horoscopes that mean little to anyone. Contrast them with this site for instance and the myriad astrological calculations it offers for your reference, covering property to fertility and from calendars to ephemerides.
AstroGirl - Celebrity Match ~ Here’s a good idea. If you think your relationship is doomed, gain consolation in the fact there’s probably one celebrity (or by definition, two) already up to the same thing. AstroGirl comes to us from Australia via New York, and it’s worth looking around her site. Takers for Scorpio and Gemini as the perfect match, anyone?
Astrologia.pl ~ I’ve never recommended a website from Poland, so it’s time to put the situation right. Bogdan Krusiński runs this one and has even authored his own house system, that has achieved occasional currency across the Web. Me, I just like the celebrity birth data, especially the astrology section. Who ever would have imagined that Liz Greene was so old?
Astrology ~ This site is based around two books, Love Signs by Linda Goodman and Astrology for Lovers by Liz Greene. The selected chapters are a good read and have been presented in an attractive way, with different sections on your sign in general, your relationships, shadow side and the myth that lies behind your sign.
Astrology and Famous People ~ Part of a massive French site, this section is all in English. It is a directory of 25,000 famous people, that you can search according to many astrological criteria, to produce an interactive birthchart for each celebrity and to match those sharing the same placings as you. Highly recommended!
Astrology Club ~ The website of the South Bay Astrological Society, based in San Jose, California has some great features, designed to educate visitors in the finer points of astrology. Especially recommended are the animations, that explain complex astronomical principles in an interesting and accessible way. This site seems to have changed hands lately. Be aware!