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BlogRank - Astrology ~ Here’s a list of the most admired astrology blogs. Astrology blogging exploded in popularity and seemed the new way forward, allowing everyone to have their say without the skills necessary to maintain a website for example. Today there are far fewer of them, because sadly their standards often proved so appalling in the end.
Bonnie’s Links ~ This site is created and enthusiastically maintained by Bonnie Lee Hill. It comprises a detailed and varied selection of links to information on many aspects of astrology, ranging from popular Sun sign columns through to the history of astrology and beyond. It is definitely worth a leisurely mouse around…
Cafe Astrology ~ Annie and Adam run this site and have lots on offer for you to enjoy. You’ll find Sun sign analyses, celebrity stars, comment on the latest cosmic happenings and a big focus on compatibility, relationships and love, together with a deeper look at certain other aspects of astrology and at some related subjects too.
Catholic Encyclopedia ~ Published in 1913, the Catholic Encyclopedia is now digitised and online. This is the astrology section, making a deeply sceptical, though nonetheless interesting, read. If you’re looking for entertainment it’s not really the thing, but there’s some intriguing stuff on the history of astrology, for those prepared to plough through.
Crazy Horoscopes.com ~ Beautifully presented, this site is the ‘spare time interest’ of a young digital artist and animator from the UK, who works under the name of the Goblin Prince. You should certainly sample for yourself the outrageous nature of much that this site contains. It is in my opinion, sure to make you laugh out loud!
CyberWorld Khaldea ~ Notable features of this unique site include a 3,000 year precision ephemeris, a 2002 ephemeris for twelve time zones worldwide, the birthcharts and data for one thousand celebrities, a varied selection of articles plus the definitive online archive of Dane Rudhyar’s life and works. It’s a heavyweight contribution…
Equinox Astrology ~ A pioneer of astrological retailing and founder of London’s famous Astrology Shop, Robert Currey has since relocated but continues to maintain his reputation at the pinnacle of computerised chart interpretation. For those who are looking for such things, I’d have thought you’d have little reason to go elsewhere.
Evolving Door ~ Wendy Guy has forecasts with a lunar edge, a discussion of the twelve signs and a selection of articles covering more complex astrological concerns. An instant bookmark is her excellent glossary, explaining clearly a number of astrological terms, with attractive diagrams and illustrations just when you need them.
Explore Astrology ~ I fell over this site, stumbling about in my usual cyberhaze. It caught my attention with its clean design and interesting features connecting the development of astrology with computer technology for example, and biographies of selected astrologers. Apparently it’s a non-profit venture which certainly makes a change…
Find Your Fate ~ This Indian site has an extensive section on Western astrology, as well as Indian astrology, Chinese astrology and a whole bunch of other things too. Some will be intrigued by the online Death Meter, where after entering some detailed information about yourself, the date of your demise is then revealed…
Funniest Astrology Ever ~ I’m not sure about that but this is better than most parodies. The language is quite rich and the spelling is off, plus it looks like someone ran out of imagery and posted the outcome anyway. Best regarded as a work in progress and not for those of a sensitive disposition. Pisces: You lack confidence and smell funny… That’s OK then!
Horoscope Ballet ~ Many will have heard of The Planets suite, but fewer will know about Horoscope, a ballet from 1937 by Frederick Ashton with music by Constant Lambert. The full score was lost in 1940 after only twenty-nine performances. Just nine pieces exist today, but you can listen to all these by following the links in the comments section, below this YouTube video.
Horoscope Free ~ Coming out of Italy it seems, so that makes a change, this site has regularly updated horoscopes on every subject imaginable. They claim millions of members although the chat rooms are empty every time I’ve looked. Still, if you’re a horoscope junkie after your daily fix, get ready to lose all sense of perspective.