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Horoscope Junkie ~ Site linking to daily, weekly, monthly and annual forecasts from all around the Web. There are also links to pet and teen horoscopes, as well as to further reading on a variety of astrological topics. Subsequently you can investigate Sun sign compatibility and discover sources of further information. It’s a great site!
Horoscopes4U.com ~ You want horoscopes? Kim Kucera’s got horoscopes! Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, romantic, financial, via email and drawn from many sources. H4U is certainly the Web’s premiere horoscope directory! There are lots of details of other useful astrological resources from all around the Web as well…
HoroZcope.com ~ A promising new site, still currently under development. Registration enables a useful variety of astrological calculations - including birthcharts, transits, progressions, planetary returns and synastry - all contained within a straightforward and intuitive interface. Many more updates are planned.
Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry ~ Jacquelyn and Ira have practiced astrology for many years and are now offering their services via the Web. Their site has some interesting features including a full study of astrological symbolism, a timeline of astrological history and the chance to send an astrological e-card!
Insight Astrology ~ Faith wrote to me from Belgium where she lives with her husband. I am pleased to feature her site as this week’s recommendation, the first astrology website to have received this accolade in ages. There is an honesty and enthusiasm in Faith’s work that appeals to me. I wish there were more astrologers nowadays, with a similar passion and flair.
Interactive Astrology ~ This site initially provides a comprehensive resource of external links where your birthchart can be calculated and interpreted free of charge. Subsequently an innovative scheme of drop down menus enables you to start addressing the complexities of astrological interpretation for yourself…
International Astrology Day ~ Ever heard of this? Nope, me neither. Twenty-five years as a professional astrologer plus a lifetime of prior study, it’s a new one on me. It was brought to my attention in a number of emails, from the usual suspects eager to sell the same old books and software, wrapped up in new packaging. Shouldn’t we be celebrating the March equinox instead?
KRS Channel ~ With a crappy site himself and having tried his hand at almost everything, here’s another wannabe who thinks it is smart to call himself the Astrology Wizard and to blitz social media outlets, in the vain hope no one has heard that name before. By turns, this guy pretends to be drunk and to know about astrology. Seems he has been rumbled on every count…
Links for Astrology Forecasts ~ Anoop Ghanwani has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and an active interest in astrology. Beginning as a student he has compiled a listing of the astrological forecasts available across the Web. No graphics, no Flash, just links is Anoop’s style and very worthwhile and comprehensive it is too!
Mystic Board ~ Describing itself as the world's largest esoteric forum, this website encourages you to make a post and read what others have said about any topic under this umbrella. There are dozens of scripts connected with these subjects, to try out or offer on your own website for free and an extensive range of software available for download, often without charge.
Mystic Medusa ~ I am recommending this website for its thriving and thoughtful blog, that came to my attention following mention of my own writing there. For everything else you need to pay, but sadly it’s unusual I highlight any site solely to do with astrology these days, since often I am pruning out the dead links rather than relishing vibrant new content.
NME: Kanye West is a Gemini ~ The New Musical Express (NME) was originally a music newspaper from the UK, but now lies behind the world’s biggest standalone music site. Here is an intriguing feature I contributed to recently, based on Kanye West’s latest comments about being a Gemini and what this means. A great treatment from author Kate Lloyd, I’d have to say…
Sexual Astrology ~ With a great name, this site is another that has been lurking in the Astrologywizard.com banner farm for far too long. It offers free annual, monthly and weekly horoscopes, character analyses and other details for your Sun sign, together with a growing selection of computerised reports, that you can purchase to learn more.