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Michael Star’s Astrology Zine ~ At the time of writing now into its sixth year online, this Canadian site features free daily, weekly and annual Sun sign forecasts, plenty of further astrological information, articles by various authors and useful book reviews. The interactive Psychic Star is the one feature I enjoyed the most.
Mutable Dilemma ~ Another example of how astrology was better a few decades back. Peruse a little of this material from Zipporah Dobyns and her children of the Pottenger clan, formerly published in magazine form. Ask yourself whether anything nowadays matches these standards: embracing new discoveries and technologies, or welcoming them to astrology’s world view?
My Astrology Book ~ Showcasing the work of Carl Woebcke, who now produces an astrology report with a difference. Carl generously provides plenty of additional information for those visiting his site, with an abundance of well reasoned argument concerning astrological, astronomical and mythological principles.
Naked Astrologer ~ The clue to this week’s recommendation is all in the name. The Reverend Two Eagles is not kidding around, so if you’re likely to be offended by this sort of thing please don’t click on the link. Otherwise, although it’s not clear how this helps his interpretation skills, to see somebody so happy in their work is a pleasure in itself.
Pirated Astrology Books ~ …And What They Can Cost Our Field continues the title of Donna Cunningham’s polemic. But surely 33,800 downloads under any circumstances has to be a good thing? What about the value of that free advertising, or if people had looked through your book in the bookstore, bought it second-hand or borrowed it from the library?
Rudhyar Archival Project ~ The ideas of Dane Rudhyar are cited as among those on which modern astrological thought is founded. I’ve been surprised on more than one occasion by the originality of his work, where concepts I assumed were the brainchild of my contemporaries, trace their roots back to him. Rudhyar was a colourful character; this archive pays due homage…
Russell Grant ~ Russell Grant is a popular media astrologer and personality, founder of the British Astrological and Psychic Society in 1976. His website is described as a New Age portal, featuring everything from weekly pet horoscopes, through the tarot, the I-Ching and numerology to an online dream decoder. It’s changing all the time too.
Skyscript ~ Subtitled Deborah Houlding’s Astrology Pages, the webmaster of this site will already be familiar to many followers of astrology’s more serious study throughout the UK. This latest incarnation of Deborah’s web presence is professionally presented, has a more traditional perspective and probably something for everyone.
The Astrology of Bernie Ashman ~ Bernie is author of Astrological Games People Play and Road Map To Your Future, also the text to several software packages. Visit his website to learn more of his individualistic approach to astrology, his latest literary offerings and of his consultative astrological services.
The Urania Trust ~ Based in the UK and a registered charity since 1970, the Urania Trust produce the biannual Guide to Worldwide Astrology. This is their online home, with plentiful information on astrological groups, societies, schools, events, publishers, associations and more. Why not go and check it out then?
UAC 1986 ~ The first United Astrology Conference (UAC) was in 1986. Astrological organisations across the United States, joined forces to instigate a global event. Five hundred delegates were anticipated, only 1300 arrived from 46 different countries. The unassailable quintessence of this occasion is absent nowadays, despite several of the same speakers gracing UAC 2018…