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LibreOffice ~ A while ago I recommended OpenOffice, as a free open-source alternative for those who need word processing software or a spreadsheet application for instance. Well, the new kid on the block these days is LibreOffice, springing from the same origins after complex business dealings, amid fears OpenOffice might not be free anymore.
Linux Is Free And Full Of Love ~ Many visitors to my site won’t understand this video. After all, you increasingly use Apple derivatives and haven’t totally embraced the flexibility of Windows yet, nor the learning curve implied. So consider Linux, one step further in the freedom and complexity stakes. It promotes idealistic principles, that in practice don’t always go entirely to plan.
Lunar Phases Applet ~ This free Java applet features all over the Web. You can edit the parameters displayed yourself, and can have live lunar data on your own website with just one short line of HTML code. Not surprisingly, there seem to be a few versions of this applet around, but this one looks original and also credits the author, which is only fair.
McAfee Site Advisor ~ The twelve Astrologywizard.com zodiac screensavers are rather twilighted these days, they were designed in 2000 but still work with all Windows versions including Vista and 64-bit. If you ever need to check anything you’re downloading or see what it might do to your system, take a look here. It’s a great free service!
Microsoft Windows 7 ~ Whether you think it’s gripping news or not, most people visiting this website use a Microsoft operating system to get them here. The new Windows 7 has just been completed with a build string timed for 12:55 on July 13, 2009 in Redmond, WA. It doesn’t launch until October 22, when the astrology behind it seems even worse…
Moonconnection.com ~ Selling software that calculates lunar phenomena, this site is also an accessible source of information on most topics connected with the Moon, offering a concise review of everything from lunar phases to your astrological Moon sign. Don’t miss the Moon module for your website or blog, or the extensive lunar phases calendar…
Morinus ~ The proportion of people visiting this site with a Linux distribution as their operating system, has increased sevenfold in the past few years. But astrology software that works well under Linux is increasingly hard to find, so here’s one program I like very much that even has a Windows version you can try. Did I mention it is free as well?
Night Vision ~ Astrologers recognise the symbolism of the stars, but often prove ignorant when it comes to locating the majority by looking at the sky. Night Vision is a free software planetarium working on any mainstream computer with Java installed. It is straightforward, informative, intuitive, fully customisable and generally a joy to use.
Not F’d: You Won’t Find Me On Facebook ~ Richard Stallman may be eccentric, but he is one of the heroes of the free software movement and is the main architect of the GNU Project, that ultimately lead to the creation of the Linux kernel. If he tells you that Facebook is basically surveillance then you’d better believe him. Here is the reasoning behind some of his opinions…
Norse - Live Attack Intelligence ~ Cyberattacks have been in the news lately, but unless you run your own server and are routinely involved with its machinations, you might still gain the impression these are isolated events. Norse are world leaders in live attack intelligence and have produced this animated map, updating in real time and ready to persuade you otherwise…
OldVersion.com ~ Computing is governed by the sign of Aquarius and its ruler Uranus, like astrology too. Thus, especially when it comes to intangibles such as computer software, there is a constant emphasis on development and the latest point release. Yet there have been many instances where the next update was really more of a downgrade. Watch Windows itself, for example.
Open Source Astrology ~ SourceForge has faced poor publicity lately, but serves as a premiere resource for those keen on developing open source software under Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Here is a search based on popularity for the Windows platform that is easily adjustable to your own needs. These projects are in various stages of development; yet each is entirely free.
Orrery Movie ~ I would be remiss not to mention this Flash movie that is doing the rounds at the moment. To be fair it is far from a precision instrument for measuring planetary positions, but it is a beautiful piece of work nonetheless. There are two versions I've seen and this is the earlier one, because the latter revision doesn't work out so well.
OSBoxes ~ These days, there aren’t too many excuses for not testing your software under the whole gamut of browsers and operating systems. Windows still prevails on the desktop, while Linux is dominant on servers and mobile platforms, disregarding a minority who have failed to notice their Apple device runs a costly version of Unix, that is contractually free of charge.
Pick *a* Star Motivational Oracle ~ Say you don’t want a full astro-consultation or to ask a personal question, based on your individual birth data directly. You have read your free horoscope for this week, month and year but need a quick fix, a pithy piece of cosmic wisdom to help you on your way. Try the Pick *a* Star Motivational Oracle, new from Astrologywizard.com…
Planetarium Software ~ Aimed at astronomers, good planetarium software helps you pinpoint the constellations whatever the weather and saves you wrestling with your telescope. Here you’ll find a vast selection from the long forgotten to the actively maintained, from the free to the commercial and for a range of operating systems, that includes hand-held devices.