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Cosmastrologia ~ An eclectic collection of esoteric texts, that it is apparently legitimate to publish online, since copyright permits the use of this material for the purposes of learning, just like in a regular library. Authors are astrologers from William Lily to Tracy Marks; philosophers, scientists, mystics and Albert Pike, a Confederate general who was Chief Justice for the Ku Klux Klan.
Cosmitec Astrological Compatibility Advice ~ This site is currently being developed by Luc De Jaeger and is entirely devoted to the astrological understanding of human relationships. There are sections on Sun and Moon sign compatibility, sexual astrology and astrological fertility based on the work of Dr. Eugen Jonas.
Culpeper’s Complete Herbal ~ Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654) was a famous English herbalist, astrologer, physician and botanist. His Complete Herbal (1653) is regarded as one of the classic texts, especially where his astrological references feature. With a few minor edits, you’ll find the whole book here. Remember Uranus, Neptune and Pluto weren’t discovered at this time…
C.U.R.A. ~ The University Centre for Astrological Research is a trilingual online magazine for those wishing to expand the boundaries of astrological theory and practice. There is a huge range of articles to read and to enjoy, but be prepared for some intense intellectual application to benefit most from your visit.
Dog Horoscopes.Com ~ Hosted by Mystic Dog® Newf, President of the Canine Astrological Society, this site is a must for all dog lovers who also love astrology. You can post a picture of your favourite pooch, check compatibility with your furry friend and catch up with free horoscopes from canine psychics…
Egyptian Astrology ~ A scholarly article on the ideas of Joanne Conman, an anthropologist who has purportedly uncovered the workings of ancient Egyptian sky lore. A culture that embraced astronomy, was more interested in the symbolic significance of the stars she believes, or astrology as we’d call it today. It is an arcane system founded on decans; are you eager to learn more?
Egyptian Astrology Signs ~ Discover more about the subject of ancient Egyptian astrology, only from the perspective of what each birth period signifies for those born under it. Forget a complicated analytical or theoretical point of view, to underline this take on the cosmos. Enjoy finding out what you are all about and perhaps even spot something of significance, while you search…
Encyclopedia of Astrology ~ I seem to have heard a lot about Nicholas DeVore’s classic book recently, which is probably a sad comment on the state of modern astrology, seeing as it was originally published in 1947. Still, rather than forking out for a rehash of the same old material, here it is online and totally for free. Don’t you just love the Internet?
Eris Ephemeris ~ Maybe the astronomers aren’t so dumb. In mythology, Eris was intimately linked with Ares (Mars), but now in space, they couldn’t get much further apart. But isn’t it strange how Eris was discovered while in the sign of Aries, is in Aries in the birth charts of nearly everyone alive now and remains in this sign for many years to come?
Firdaria - The Map Of Your Destiny ~ Well, maybe. Like many astrological techniques the exact provenance of this one is uncertain, but it was described well over a thousand years ago. Broadly, life is divided into distinct periods ruled by each of the astrological planets, with their symbolism showing what you can expect. This site does the maths for you too…
Gardening by the Moon ~ Mankind has long been aware of the Moon’s effects on agriculture. Today we can apply this knowledge directly for ourselves. The Moon’s phase and current sign position must be carefully assessed… While intended largely for US residents, this site clearly introduces the main principles of lunar gardening.
Gauquelin Archives ~ The research work of Michel and Françoise Gauquelin is cited regularly as one of the only statistical explorations supporting the belief that astrology actually works. Significant links were found to the planet Mars among athletes, to Jupiter for actors and Saturn with scientists. Here for the first time online is all their data in its entirety…
Gay & Lesbian Astrology ~ Part of Russell Grant’s website, which of course has lots of interesting features and has received an Astrologywizard.com recommendation in the past. It is difficult to write relationship horoscopes that appeal to everyone, so Philip Garcia’s regular forecasts are aimed directly at a more specialised target audience.
Glastonbury Zodiac ~ The Temple of the Stars around Glastonbury in Somerset, is among the most famous of all the terrestrial zodiacs, where features in the landscape are thought to correspond with the night sky and its constellations. Although of ancient origin, this correlation was brought to notice during the early part of the twentieth century by an artist, Katherine Maltwood.
Homostrology ~ As the author of Home Astrology, I was drawn to the interesting play on that name, by this site aimed specifically at gay men. I’ve seen one or two sites with a similar mission before, but somehow they appear rather tame in comparison. Certain of the character assassinations, descriptions I mean, are seriously funny. It has my vote!
Horoscope Compatibility ~ It is not everyday I’m approached by a company from Alaska, who say they’ve paid $6000 for their domain name, before commissioning their own material and then launching a new astrology website on the back of this. But the outcome is actually rather good, with plenty on compatibility obviously and also a bunch more besides.