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You continue this year in a phase of intense change, even if this takes place mainly on a private and subliminal level, leaving little that is immediately obvious to the casual observer or on the surface. A total solar eclipse on March 9 is the second in a series of three highlighting your sign, during the weeks or so that bracket your birthday as part of each year from 2015 until 2017 respectively. The first eclipse in March 2015, was the most powerful and could be seen from the High Arctic, where it accentuated the final degree of your sign. This year another total solar eclipse will be spotted across the tropical climes of Indonesia, the western North Pacific and Micronesia. Finally, on February 26 next year, this series of eclipses concludes, with an annular eclipse over South America, the South Atlantic and southern Africa. In-between and marking September 2016, a minor lunar eclipse in your constellation can be noted, everywhere bar the Americas if your eyes are sharp.

So what does this ongoing astronomical spectacular reveal? And what light can these eclipses throw on what you’re going through at the moment? A solar or lunar eclipse is among the most striking cosmic phenomena you’ll ever encounter, although the solar alternative has an edge, when because of the comparative sizes of the Sun and Moon, these are visible over a much smaller area. If you witness one you might say it’ll mean the most to you, but these events impact equally wherever you are in the world and return to emphasise each region of the zodiac, usually once every nineteen years or so. Then, they’ll often occur in clusters and mark a turning point, or fork in the road if you prefer.
An eclipse means you are faced with an important decision, one that can make a tremendous difference to your outlook, according to the options you embrace. The underlying theme is all about your deepest emotions and this year, whether your closest and most intimate associations continue to promote an atmosphere, truly supportive of these needs. Last year, your home and family situation was very much to the forefront. While to some degree this continues, there is an increasing focus on your relationships at every level, but those of a private and personal nature in particular.

Where relationships are concerned, the presence of Jupiter in your opposite sign until September is an auspicious augury that under most circumstances, sees both business and personal liaisons going well and in your favour for a large part. This applies in your personal life and to your romantic affairs most noticeably, yet will also extend to your colleagues at work, professionals you consult for advice and anyone you deal with on an individual basis. There are issues around freedom with this placing and where you believe yours is being compromised, you won’t hesitate to leave or simply stroll away, more easily and with fewer regrets than at other points.

Jupiter is associated with travel and with learning, so it is good to feel any partnership is going somewhere and that you haven’t arrived at your ultimate destination yet, or there is nothing to look forward to any more. You’ll thus best be suited to an association that can teach you something, often as a result of the other party being significantly dissimilar to you in any one of several respects. For example, they could originate from a far-flung region of the globe, another age group, a contrasting cultural, religious and ethnic heritage, or a different background and walk of life. Despite this superficial diversity, you discover you have a lot in common, in terms of similar experiences and a perspective matching your own.
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Once this influence wanes in September, it is unlikely any successful connection will suddenly be broken. Rather, it promises to move on to the next level, where you’ll be required by the universe to share more than the same viewpoint in terms of money, property and resources. Even if this period seems to correlate with being newly single and perhaps an unwelcome encounter with alienation, you can be sure that to leave behind unsatisfactory conditions you would have put up with in the past, is the first step in healing any previous hurts and heading forward into a brighter future as a stronger individual. At times, throughout the next twelve months, you will feel surprisingly confused and uncertain about where all this is leading you. But inside a part of you has faith, that with a little help from your friends it’ll turn out for the best.

Still, if you had to put your finger on exactly what makes you believe this version of events, you would be hard-pressed to do so. Often conflicting forces seem to pull you in opposing directions, especially during late May for instance and throughout March to July inclusive. Your professional affairs are potentially at a peak of achievement as well, so keeping everything running smoothly, is a tall order. Making the most of this chance to reach your goals, whether at work or otherwise in terms of your objectives across the board; getting the best out of each situation, while not neglecting your personal life as you promote your wider ambitions and vice versa; or being careful not to consign your own needs to the background as you put those of others first, are factors you could consider. This year will turn out to be a memorable one, if you keep on struggling towards the targets you have set for yourself, while those closest to you are able to play a greater part in this process.
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