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To appreciate what the future holds over the months and years to come, rather than just the days and weeks beloved by more commonplace forecasting territory, we need to focus on the outer planets of the Solar System and to understand their movements. This means the planets beyond the asteroid belt, so far comprising: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the Pluto subsystem. Chiron, a planetoid discovered in 1977, frequents the same region of space and is thus included in our calculations. By virtue of their greater distance from the Sun, these bodies have longer orbits and travel slowly around the zodiac, with a supersized opportunity to make a lasting difference as they highlight matters for an extended period. The inconstant Moon might imply a bad day, or alternatively a similar period where you are feeling fabulous…

But in contrast, since Jupiter highlights an area of interest for a year or more, which Pluto can do for over three decades at certain points in its cycle, there is obviously plenty more scope and a far larger window, during which to make important decisions that suggest an enduring impact. So the twelve months ahead see a number of trends nearing their conclusion. Jupiter and Saturn for starters, both change their sign position later in 2017. This means from there onwards, a different sphere of your experience comes under the spotlight as the astral blockchain gets updated to match. Firstly, Jupiter advances to Scorpio during October, while Saturn arrives in Capricorn a couple of months afterwards. With an eye to the future, it isn’t long until Chiron and Uranus also change their sphere of influence during April and May of 2018.
With only Neptune and Pluto left relatively stationary in the faraway reaches of our Sun’s outer gravitational field, you’ll appreciate that not only for you but for humanity in general, a state of flux lies ahead. The intervening period is thus a phase of adjustment and preparation either consciously or intuitively, ready for the changes that will be showing themselves over the next two years. Pluto is now a little over halfway through its transit of Capricorn and its journey across a sector of the heavens, connected with your aims and aspirations, hopes and goals; not only on a practical or material level, but in terms of less tangible and quantifiable factors.

Contentment, fulfilment, happiness, your friends and the company you keep; where you belong in the world and your place in society are all factors that concern you. This was initially precipitated by a phase of upheaval and the intense questioning that followed, as your former priorities and the values you espoused, either let you down completely or else it became obvious, there was scope for improvement and a new way of looking at things. You have been striving to tackle this ever since: sometimes voluntarily of your own volition, but often simply to stay afloat amid shifting circumstances.

The once in a lifetime visit of Neptune to your sign is another persistent backdrop to where you are today, as this gas giant has a special connection with your constellation in what is your first opportunity to experience its effects first hand, since the middle of the nineteenth century, which you probably don’t recall! Neptune makes you idealistic, but its influence lacks clarity and can confuse you. Your insight and intuition remain unrivalled, only you may not effectively reason out these perceptions from a rational and logical point of view. You haven’t always had a clear idea of your perfect situation, yet this doesn’t stop you from noticing in sharp relief, all the failures and failings of wherever you discern yourself to be now.
: pisces - february 2017/february 2018 :
Such a definitive vision will take a few years to coalesce and in the meantime, be aware you are more sensitive than usual, so choose your companions carefully. Associating with folk who can offer you both emotional security and a firm financial foundation is recommended, at least through until October when Jupiter changes sign. Mix with those who promote a positive attitude and have your welfare at heart, rather than anyone who seeks to harbour an ulterior motive or might secretly be carrying an axe to grind. Saturn continues at the top of your chart until December, making most of this year a phase of promise and fulfilment where your career concerns or professional affairs predominate.

Over the holiday season and the first two months of 2018, you’ll have the chance to appreciate the fruits of your labours rather more than beforehand, while you’re keen to reap the benefits and ensure that life is not toil and trouble alone. Uranus ensures the best results come to those who’ve shown the courage of their convictions and have sought greater independence from the strictures of a workaday scenario. Some of the biggest changes are behind you, but don’t cut others out of the picture entirely, as certain individuals prove supportive while they help you to appreciate, no matter what drew you to this juncture in the first instance, the chances of a brighter future are a realistic possibility. By then, you might also like to consider a vacation, or how best to use your brainpower in ways that aren’t directly linked to earning a living…
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