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Neptune continues its journey through your sign, a visit that started almost seven years ago and that still has another eight years left to run. This planet is a distant body, first spotted by astronomers in 1846. It is technically an icy gas giant, with a diameter slightly under four times greater than the Earth, but orbiting thirty times further out in space. In common with all the outer planets it is almost unimaginably cold, while its surface is among the most stormy and turbulent locations in the Solar System. Near-supersonic winds are characteristic; yet even through a powerful telescope, this planet is a tranquil blue and conveys an outward impression of calm. Neptune is too faint to be observed with the naked eye, while the top of huge gas clouds giving way to underlying forms of ice and liquid, is all you’d notice in the best conditions.

So, just as our view of Neptune is both deceptive and illusory, the influence of this planet works in a similar fashion, as it impacts on your horoscope. Neptune encourages idealism and a quest for perfection, yet amplifies those instances where minor discrepancies leave you short of your destination. You grow increasingly discontented with your current situation, yet you are equally dissatisfied with your progress towards an alternative, assuming you could be sure what this comprises. Some days, you are confident of the choices you must make. But shortly thereafter such goals appear irrelevant again, once circumstances take another turn and all you’d planned, prioritised and aimed towards no longer represents such a desirable proposition. Neptune is more closely identified with your zodiac sign than with any other, so take solace from the knowledge that those born under every other segment of the sky, can anticipate more trouble handling its visit than you.
This planet’s stay in your region of the firmament lasts for nearly fifteen years in total: so at almost 165 years to orbit the Sun fully, roughly half those born during any one cycle never experience Neptune in their sector of the zodiac. Yet that doesn’t mean this planet won’t affect them in other ways: romantically, physically and materially for example. They’ll just never undergo the sustained assault on their selfhood this planet’s stay suggests: when acting thoughtlessly, egotistically or in a less than straightforward manner is your guarantee of failure, while putting others ahead of yourself, ensures the finest safeguard of your lasting and eventual success.

But it would be wrong to consider the fallout from your ruler to be negative or even broadly detrimental. There is much to be said for its influence in terms of your intuition and heightened sense of awareness; a greater attunement to spiritual truths and guidelines, plus a visceral understanding of how the universe and its inhabitants are interdependent and linked together for their welfare.

Nonetheless, you are dogged by a sense that the harsher edges of an everyday reality are too discordant and abrasive, leaving you seeking sundry subtle means to cushion the blow and obviate any unpleasant repercussions. There are constructive ways of pursuing both these ends; as you listen to your dreams for instance: while gradually building a secure environment in which to spend your days. Creativity, music, meditation, poetry, film, art and dance are a few outlets that Neptune always favours. Denial, drugs and alcohol, seeking the company of those who excite but unsettle you, is not the smartest way to proceed. In the meantime, material matters prove unpredictable and alarming, but don’t necessarily need to continue in the same vein. Although certain monetary prerequisites have been riding for a fall, their denouement only slightly precedes an upswing in your financial status and standing.
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You might be better presiding over the demise of one set of structures and the instigation of another, rather than attempting to perpetuate and to defend a prevailing construct that has obviously seen far better days. Your emotional investment in maintaining the present order, will unintentionally constitute your legacy and inheritance, unless you are determined to think beyond these outworn and outmoded expectations. Only, instead of attempting to put a different slant on your position, that might be equally confusing and unreliable as the one you are keen to supplant now, you will undoubtedly find it advantageous to look over and above your usual horizons or customary frame of reference, to investigate certain schools of thought that represent a codified and detailed means of comprehending the universe and your connection to it.

These may stem from a spiritual, religious or political foundation, but the best philosophies to investigate and ultimately, adapt to fit your own criteria offer firm instruction about how to behave, interacting with other people and the way you live your life. An overly prescriptive set of rules isn’t what you want or need either, but a few clues and handholds as to the underlying purpose of what might otherwise prove to be a disappointingly humdrum existence, leave you increasingly confident regarding your place in the scheme of things. Much of your progress is in your own hands this year. So it is better to address any sources of dissatisfaction proactively, rather than bemoaning your fate as you wait for less bewildering times or for the cosmos to address these decisions for you and imply; something different soon ought to head your way.
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