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A pivotal twelve months lie ahead, the like of which you haven’t witnessed in longer than you dare recall. Much of your good fortune is down to how the planets and the stars align, as they assume a more fortuitous and sympathetic configuration so far as you’re concerned, following the trials and tribulations you’ve endured over recent years. Jupiter completes one circuit of the zodiac and after an absence that has lasted a decade plus, comes back to your region of the sky: a location where it feels comfortable. Nevertheless, your efforts and input play a part, when deciding to make the most of your opportunities: creating new ones where none existed and simultaneously endeavouring, to keep both feet on the ground. Many of the problematic restrictions you’ve faced lately will soon cease to feature, though your fluctuating finances present a wellspring of anxiety until after your subsequent birthday. Currently, it is easy to console yourself. Cash flow issues are hardly new!

The past few years have taught you plenty and ought never to be forgotten. But it has seemed on many occasions and possibly the bulk of this period, that far from the cosmos encouraging and supporting you: the universe was not in any sense, favourably disposed towards your goals. Still, you are one of nature’s survivors and from experience, realise an optimistic outlook has much to recommend it. Positive thinking helps enormously, even when you are stuck fast in the jaws of adversity. You intuitively know that an upbeat angle on a tedious, humdrum or lacklustre situation, helps you promote a pleasant outcome: ahead of what otherwise may have threatened to be an undistinguished result.
Much as you have cultivated a joyful stance; it is still hard to handle a cumulative impact, that daily grows trickier to dismiss. You’ll have heard similar dire tidings on numerous occasions, so to discover the coming months are such a departure from what you have unwillingly come to regard as normality, is clearly welcome news. Jupiter, your planetary ruler, returns to your sign and the austere atmosphere that has prevailed for the past four years, accedes to a jovial ambience. At first you may not notice the effect on your material and financial situation, but with time any worries diminish.

The shortfalls and adversity that recent years have featured; gives way to a smoother, happier, more prosperous and successful undercurrent. You’d agree it is wise to remain on your guard and ready for trying circumstances. Yet you have often longed for a little respite from this depressing and apparently relentless round of stress. Even when you can clearly point to progress, it has been such a slog. You cannot help but question the chasm between how you used to handle your affairs, when with minimal effort things always worked out for the best. Characteristically and typically, you have struggled not to dwell on these hardships or accentuate your woes, adding to their power by taking more aboard than necessary.

In retrospect, you’ll ultimately come to appreciate the value of these experiences, as you emerge the other side of this apprenticeship with pared-down expectations and a more sober take on the world. Nonetheless, you are all ears now there is better in the stars and your desire for such prognostications is heartfelt. When you sense negativity in the air, it is almost as if by allowing these thoughts room in your consciousness, you give them a potency they wouldn’t otherwise possess. Hopefully, you’ve been encouraged to address a few conspicuous disparities and outstanding anachronisms, the persistence of which could never work out to your long-term benefit.
: sagittarius - november 2018/november 2019 :
Objectively, you ought to feel vindicated, since the universe has highlighted the unsustainable and superfluous. Life is rarely, perfect in an instant. As an ongoing process of transformation and renewal; the best approach to these shifting boundaries, that one or two prominent thinkers have been insightful enough to recommend, is a state of constant flux. The coming year is a fine prospect for all kinds of success, but this doesn’t mean everything you touch automatically turns to gold. Where your pursuit of certain priorities: objectives, dreams and even relationships settles somewhere on a scale between fanciful and unrealistic, it is prudent aiming finite reserves at more tangible objectives.

So finally, let’s reiterate the good news. Jupiter in your sign throughout the coming period helps you with putting the past behind you and moving on, learning whatever valuable and important lessons are ready to be assimilated, rather than dwelling on what you’d call your errors and mistakes. This year you should think both constructively and optimistically, while taking care not to swing to the opposite extreme: overlooking crucial details, being careless and foolhardy, overdoing virtually anything and compulsively taking risks. Matters traditionally connected with your sign are emphasised by your ruler. So if you need, want or have the chance to travel, you can expect an educational and enlightening voyage, that works out absolutely. Learning and study of all sorts is similarly blessed and you’ll be more knowledgeable by the end of this period than when it began: whether you attend school or college, have exams to sit, or are simply a student in the university of life.
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