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Saturn’s departure from your sign is without a doubt, the most anticipated and welcome event, to feature as a component of your forthcoming celestial year. Even though a number of influential trends emerge elsewhere in the zodiac, to allow linked areas of your experience their turn in the spotlight, you almost certainly won’t be awaiting their fallout with such unmitigated joy and glee. Nor will you have counted down to their onset with the same eagerness, matching the euphoria signified by the exit of this planet from your sector of the sky. Broadly, there is no comparable astrological eventuality to fill you with such unbridled optimism and enthusiasm for the future. The restrictive influence of Saturn quits your region of the heavens prior to the December solstice: after a visit lasting three years, bar a few months in the third quarter of 2015.

To say you are a different person as a result of these experiences and everything this period has taught you, signifies an essential transformation. You are wiser, more circumspect and introspective; increasingly grounded, cautious, better informed; pragmatic, smart and sensible than you were beforehand. Describing the impact of this planet through your sign as a worst-case scenario, is not really an exaggeration, so you are understandably delighted to witness this drawing to a close. You might be asking yourself why it is even necessary to review the transit of this planet, except perhaps to discover why you had to undergo such a brutal and unsettling rite of passage in the first place. Your natural tolerance implies you’d rather be gazing towards brighter horizons; forgetting about Saturn’s sojourn so soon as you can.
Many of the events and trends Saturn’s stay has heralded, proved uninspiring at best and downright depressing at their extreme. But to know where you are heading depends on a firm appreciation of your overall trajectory and thus, unravelling the intricacies of this intervening period. It means assimilating the processes that have brought you to this point. Saturn is a renowned teacher and some say a notorious taskmaster; yet everyone must face its tutorials on occasion. Fortunately, this planet’s arrival in each zodiac sign is infrequent: usually amounting to three visits in an average lifespan.

Ultimately, Saturn helps us to affirm our goals and ambitions; measuring your progress towards their achievement in the light of what in broad terms, you’d imagine you were keen to attain. But to deviate from this itinerary is only human. You may lose sight of those objectives you previously considered inspirational, becoming consumed instead by the round of work, overindulgence, sleep and escapism: before heading off to bed again without questioning the significance of your choices. No matter how fundamentally pivotal, this process of pruning and consolidation turns out to be with the benefit of hindsight and in retrospect, its course is only voluntary in a minority of cases and usually requires some tough choices to be codified: with outcomes you will acknowledge, accept and swallow.

Occasionally, it could seem like external circumstances are wilfully conspiring against you, but in reality the overarching wisdom of the universe is simply setting the stage for a more structured and enduring scenario to take its place. It is up to you what you make of this opportunity, but as Saturn’s visit draws towards a close you are better letting go of any situations in which you are involved or troublesome factors surrounding you, that have seen better days and still show little hint of improvement, no matter how you’ve tried and the considerable efforts you have channelled into a resolution.
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Saturn’s presence is arguably, never exactly wonderful news for anybody; although it does afford you the opportunity to remove the unnecessary and outworn from your immediate environment and from your everyday curriculum, including the relationships you are eager to maintain and the objectives you are struggling to perpetuate. This planet is hard for you to handle because it works in a manner very different from your nature. You notice the bigger picture, while these trends ensure you pay attention to the details. You are expansive and extravagant, while Saturn insists that you economise and tighten your belt. You are a firm believer in everything turning out for the best, but Saturn means several setbacks and disappointments, if you aren’t steadfast in your strategy. You are tasked with bringing your knowledge of the past to life.

Finally, just because Saturn departs from your constellation, it doesn’t vanish completely from the heavens and continues to affect you in an array of different ways. This planet gears up for another cycle around the Sun, one that encourages you to put what you have learned into practice. Foremost is your relationship to the material universe and how much society values your skills. You need to assess the degree to which you are ready to make compromises, in order to safeguard your security. Changes can catch you unawares, yet have been building for an age. When your tangible rewards seem inadequate, compared with the adjustments to your freedom of self-expression you have made, perhaps it is time to find out whether you could cut back yet further? In situations where this is unthinkable, you will just have to bite the bullet.
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