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It is tedious and arduous, getting away from the fallout of Saturn in your sign. Frankly, no one looks forward to the arrival of this planet in their sector of the sky: but it is a necessary evil that unfortunately, nobody can avoid. The majority will see Saturn occupy their region of the heavens two to three times during their stay on Planet Earth; with each sojourn lasting roughly thirty months in total, but occurring only once every three decades or so. As your astrological year begins at your birthday, you are about two-thirds of the way through a stopover that began late in 2014 and that will eventually reach its conclusion thirty-six months later. This means, so long as you’re ready to acknowledge what these cosmic trends endeavour to impart, with luck a few of the more unpleasant elements of your education are already part of history.

In common with a number of slow-moving planets, Saturn is often harshest during the early stages of its stay: as it consigns to oblivion any outworn, outgrown and unnecessary factors or beliefs from your immediate environment. Yet it is part of the natural course of things, that you are set to argue with the ageless wisdom of this trend. Its effects feel unwelcome, discouraging and bewildering to begin with, as factors you have come to depend on and that you’d thought were the cornerstones of your experience, disappear from your sphere of influence, no matter how hard you struggle to ensure otherwise. Where you are hanging on to the past and refusing to admit the obvious, you are only prolonging the agony, once you’ve tried your best to make things work. You had better cut your losses, no matter how unthinkable it seems…
Personal relationships may disintegrate as one component of this process, including those on a social level and more intimate links at home. Even the most solid and worthwhile associations are put to the test, but others where trouble was on the horizon for some time or where little seems to exist between you anymore, may not make it through to the other side. Your professional affairs are also affected, especially where you’ve taken short cuts in the past and have not faced up to the realities of your situation. Or it could just be a matter of acknowledging the passage of time, that you are slowly growing older and to be honest, might not be on schedule to achieve some of the major goals, you previously hoped you would.

So as a consequence of these experiences during the past couple of years, you are now in a wiser and more knowledgeable position, that leaves you able to build on the good things, Saturn also brings your way. These might not seem hugely exciting, but they are essentially important: like a firmer, more dependable foundation, heading forwards into the future. Saturn, arguably the most striking and beautiful body in our solar system is associated with building and consolidation: with durability, permanence, security and the structure of your life, on which your everyday routines depend and have gradually been built. This is a process of clearing the ground and the remains of a previous cycle, so that a new phase can start.

In return, you’ll need to acknowledge the language this planet uses and to accept a few limitations on your freedom and finances, as one part of this process. The truth is that you cannot dodge or hide away from Saturn’s influence, so you’ll need to embrace its strictures and challenging way of teaching. Any attempt or failure to do so, brings the full force of this planet’s reputation as an agent of karma down on your head, since it is taken that your lessons must now be longer and tougher ones, in order to get the message over.
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But why does this trend represent such an unpalatable proposition, to you and others born under your constellation, in particular? It is really just about a methodology that is totally antagonistic to your natural inclination. You paint with broad brushstrokes, while Saturn demands an eye for detail. You might be tempted into occasionally bending the rules, but Saturn is a stickler for the letter of the law. You may believe the grass would be greener if you went someplace else, as Saturn demands you stay and face the consequences of your actions. Your ruling planet Jupiter forms a symbiotic but inherently contradictory counterpart to its celestial neighbour Saturn, since controversially these are two sides of the same coin. Yet they are also diametrically opposed principles, both of which are integral to the smooth running of the multiverse.

If you consider the glyphs used to represent these planets, you will see Jupiter has a symbol resembling a mixture of the numbers two and four. Saturn’s hieroglyph is on first sight like a curly lower-case letter “h”, until you realise it is Jupiter’s own character flipped over and inverted. So if there was ever one zodiac sign that found Saturn’s influence hard to handle, sadly for you it is your own. You are about expansionism and taking a gamble, while Saturn accentuates caution and concern. Yet Jupiter in turn implies luck and good fortune, without which the principles of Saturn have nothing to build on in the first place. The next twelve months are the perfect interlude, during which to further what you have achieved already. In order to do so you must first let go, of situations that now represent an obstacle to your progress…
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