: scorpio - your year in the stars :
Read your horoscope in any mainstream publication, whether printed if you can find one and afford it, or most probably online these days. Now ask yourself; what kind of person are they making you out to be? Are you a charming and sympathetic character according to these sources, who everyone is eager to know? Or are you a bit of a weirdo that is good in bed, but otherwise has few redeeming features? Assuming you are able to get over yourself in the bedroom, what about that bunch of severed heads, you have hidden in your fridge? OK, this caricature is slightly exaggerated, but obviously the universe is not looking at your situation from an impartial viewpoint. You have a fearsome reputation to maintain on the one hand, but your doing so can only serve to reinforce other people’s preconceived concepts and stereotypes.

Unsurprisingly then, this year you’ll be withdrawing from the outside world more consciously than before, although looking inside yourself is also encouraged by the need to pull in your horns and to cut back financially. Problems, restrictions and shortages in the material world prompt you to think again about what is the most important to you. Even where cash is quite plentiful, a potential exists to streamline your affairs and to minimise waste. Do you really need those two cars after all, if you never venture out of town and might be happier and healthier riding your bicycle? Your income needs attention to ensure you are bringing in the most money that you can, which may mean you should look again at what you do for a living and hope to achieve in your career, or perhaps whether it is an idea to improve your professional profile.
Consequently savings, investments or property you own, loans you are paying back and your tax affairs for example, should all be put in order and where possible, organised so they will work to your advantage consistently and without wavering. In a few cases, too much cash could prove the problem rather than too little, but with Saturn passing through your money sector, the need to reorganise and maybe to restructure your finances remains imperative. A change of vocation might be in the stars for you; perhaps on the basis of permitting you greater freedom, scope and independence.

This could involve extensive retraining, continuing a process that has been taking place, either formally or informally for the past several years. Using new technology in the workplace can also present a steep learning curve; that will keep you extremely hectic and on the go, especially when added to the top of your existing schedule. The three retrograde cycles of Mercury that take place during the twelve months ahead: between December 2016 to January 2017, from April until May 2017 and then during August to September 2017 in turn, similarly emphasise such practical affairs.

Venus is also retrograde from March onwards, heightening the significance of the second of these episodes; while both the first and last of Mercury’s retrograde cycles are magnified and boosted by the eclipse seasons of February and particularly August, when the centre line of a total solar eclipse passes over the mainland USA. If all this sounds like you will be very busy then you aren’t far wrong, especially when you remind yourself that the symbolism of these influences doesn’t only cover paid employment, but your obligations and responsibilities in general, both inside and outside the world of work. An underlying sense of clearing up, straightening out and of consolidation persists, building on the progress and developments of the past, but keeping an eye locked on the future.
: scorpio - october 2016/october 2017 :
So most probably you are coming to realise, that unless you are unbelievably entranced by your work and other everyday activities, you won’t experience this as the most exciting year you’ve ever known. Plus, the unrelenting pace can prove quite hard on your health, so you’d be wise paying sufficient regard to your diet and well-being. Rest and relaxation are not solely time out, they are a necessary and essential part of your routine. Too much stress or haste can end up causing accidents, with a momentary distraction or tense atmosphere creating long-term effects you could certainly have lived without. So is this just a year during which other personal concerns ought to be put on hold? What is the purpose of this focus on efficiency and detail, when relationships predominantly feature because of the decisions you will make as a result?

Truth is, these twelve months are for preparation, for tying up loose ends and preparing for a fresh celestial cycle, that’ll begin with a bang in October 2017 and Jupiter’s entry into your sign. This is why there is such a focus on getting matters organised and clearing the decks, ready for a new phase. Think of pruning a garden; cutting out the dead wood and the remains of last year’s bounty, leaving an open structure on which fruit and flowers will grow. Revisiting where you started, it is a period to look inside yourself, considering who you are really and the impression folk may have of you. Try to find some peace and forgiveness, not only for others but for yourself too. Think of where you’ve succeeded and what you regret. Be patient, knowing that if you handle it well, you’ll have the space and time to capitalise on Jupiter’s arrival.
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