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Your sign is among those most associated with the basis and concept of change. So as the cosmos enters a period characterised by an exceptional number of alterations to the existing scheme of things, theoretically you ought to be among those best placed to prosper. Over the next twelve months, three of the five outer planets change the constellation in which they are situated and take up residence in the subsequent sector of the zodiac. This is both significant and also rather rare, since it is exceptional for so many of these bodies to shift their focus in such a comparatively short period. But whether you make the most of the opportunities presented by this configuration is largely down to your own attitude and expectations. It is not always easy to emerge from the slough of disillusionment to embrace a brighter future.

You can encourage the happiest outcomes by looking beyond your usual horizons, while mingling with those from different backgrounds and walks of life; by travelling to faraway locations or chatting with contacts based overseas. Your most rewarding relationships will be those that remain loose and flexible, involving folk who seem very different from people you’ve known before. Generally, the more you lean towards new experiences that possibly present quite a learning curve, the more you’ll come to find out and accept as a consequence; plus the more rewarding you are likely to perceive this entire experience to be. These circumstances also suggest a wider sense of flux in society, along with a number of long-overdue updates, to be instigated in the outside world. Several of these may be hard to get your head around, at first…
But Jupiter in your constellation for the first time since 2006 suggests the potential for things to turn out for the best: so long as you allow the cosmos room to manoeuvre. Jupiter passes through each sector of the zodiac in around twelve months, so its annual change of constellation, is sufficient to determine the theme of each individual cycle. It arrives in your sign on October 10 and remains in your sector of the sky throughout the whole of this coming period. Jupiter’s presence makes for a special year, when what you concentrate your attention on, heads to you in abundance.

Obviously, this depends on the promotion of positive thoughts and thinking, maintaining a philosophical or even optimistic attitude where you can, even though this proves difficult occasionally once Saturn hits Capricorn in December. Matters may not always turn out as you’d hoped, but it is up to you to emphasise the many bonuses that underlie these developments. Even in your darkest moments, you can still learn a lot about yourself and your spiritual purpose on this planet. The preceding twelve months felt uneventful in some respects, at least in terms of any progress apparent to the outside world and that you could point to as evidence of your achievements.

Perhaps you have been spending more time by yourself? You have certainly been out of the public eye, which appeals to a Scorpio in a number of respects. You have encountered yourself thinking about the past and what happened previously, those formative events that led to where you are today. Considerable inner growth has been the upshot and the months ahead, give you the scope to put your new perspective into action with more visible results. Saturn’s influence implies this will doubtless be an enormous undertaking. Perhaps it suggests tackling a complex and far-reaching topic you would never have attempted to address before. Maybe it means devoting yourself to a subject, with which you see a huge success?
: scorpio - october 2017/october 2018 :
This is guaranteed be a special year for you, despite how you might be feeling as it commences. Especially compared to the fraught twelve months that preceded it, when you were struggling with money worries and a certain amount of existential unease. Saturn inclines you to underestimate your potential, but both this planet and Jupiter favour your continuing education, whether formally or outside of the traditional system of schools and colleges. Just as there are famous entrepreneurs who were underachievers and hard to handle in class, so subsequently their independence and nonconformity, played an integral and essential part in their material affairs. Your studies though inspiring, doubtless prove arduous: but also illuminating and enormously rewarding. You might discover yourself in some distant location, but it’s the nature of Saturn for none of this to happen overnight. Just as popping a pill to achieve enlightenment proves no match for decades of sober meditation, so there is some natural justice that gets brought to the forefront eventually, according to the effort you expend.

Finally, Uranus is so far from the Sun, it needs seven years to pass through each sector of the zodiac; while Chiron, a small planetoid that has proven influential for interpretative purposes adds its input to the picture, moving into Aries between April and September. Uranus reaches Taurus in May 2018, signalling a new sense of freedom and self-determination within all your closest associations, along with the need to let go of those links that have grown deadening and stale. The few months Chiron departs from Pisces allow you to heal, addressing ongoing and prior health concerns that link with stress. These are probably best tackled with alternative and holistic therapies…
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