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The departure of Jupiter from your sign marks the single biggest celestial event in store for you this year. It might seem strange that the absence of a planet precipitates such a stir, but it is the motion of this gas giant that takes priority, as its symbolism shifts from one sector of your life and on towards the next. This is essentially an annual event and affects everyone slightly differently. Yet seeing the largest planet in our solar system requires a little under twelve years to circuit the zodiac, it only starts each new cycle in your region of the firmament, once on a similar timescale. Fundamentally this is what your past twelve months, from October 2017 through until early November 2018 have all been about. This period has also witnessed the beginnings of a new phase for you, one that will in essence last throughout the next decade.

Yet, it may only be in retrospect that you’ll recognise and appreciate the significance and gravity of all that already lies behind you. Your circumstances have changed immeasurably and your horizons have been broadened: whether via your friends and acquaintances or by those you know more intimately; your interaction with these folks on an everyday level and what you’re coming to realise as a result. Alongside this, your hopes and expectations for the future are in high focus, together with your knowledge of what is now possible and readily within reach. Jupiter offers you these opportunities, but it is your decision whether to capitalise on them and create further chances for yourself. Whether due to habit, doubts or pessimism, it remains your prerogative to ignore these portents and cultivate a streak of negativity.
Still that would be a pity, as this planet suggests an unquestionably positive trend. It links with luck, good fortune, expansion, growth and success in any number of ways. It governs those from different backgrounds, cultures, races, religions, age groups, nationalities and walks of life. Jupiter rules knowledge, education, publishing and travel, especially to faraway destinations your experience of which, thereafter makes a huge difference to your viewpoint. Jupiter favours tolerance and benevolence: respect, justice and largesse.

Wherever you have struggled to emphasise such factors in your everyday life, you’ll find the universe watching supportively over your endeavours and helping matters work out in the best way for you. Few outcomes can totally be guaranteed, but if you have an idea of the avenues to emphasise, a route map or the blueprint to follow, this proves invaluable when deciding the best angles to pursue. While Jupiter’s effects on your personal growth will not always be immediately apparent, when it comes to your financial and material affairs, the fallout is quantifiable and concrete. And that sets the tenor for the almost thirteen months commencing this November and lasting throughout the period ahead. Jupiter will encourage you to ground your new understanding and put this into practice in the outside world. Overall, it will impact primarily on your value system and those things you consider to be most important for you.

How, when and where you spend your money is often an excellent indicator, of what you consider valuable and inherently worthwhile. If you’re keen to invest in training and your education for instance, the chances are you already know that knowledge is power and plays a crucial role. If you are ready to fork out for a long-haul flight to learn more about a destination that has always fascinated you, when someplace else was nearer, cheaper and more comfortable, then the quality of an experience is what ultimately distinguishes it.
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Similar parameters apply, if you are ready to forego material advantages to remain true to your principles. If not having the money to buy something you’d like makes you exceptionally unhappy, this is another manifestation of the same characteristic. Which brings us to the only true downside of Jupiter in your financial sector throughout the coming year. This planet can incline towards excess, so while other influences counter such predilections in your horoscope, the urge to cheer yourself up with some retail therapy is a scenario to field with caution. Saturn in Capricorn helps with any arduous or detailed study, while enabling you to keep your feet on the ground. But if you need to make a major purchase, enjoy a certain lifestyle, provide for others or speculate to accumulate; then by all means feel at liberty to continue.

Gamble if you’re drawn to, but only venture what you can afford to lose. Your employment affairs are once again subject to change, as between November and March, a retrograde Uranus dips below the western horizon of your solar chart. This continues a process that has been ongoing for a while, but it’s your chance to address these issues and bring your individuality to bear in the workplace. Combined with the impact of Jupiter, it represents a great moment to ask for a raise, advertise, hike your prices or seek a more lucrative position. Even if the outcome doesn’t quite match your expectations, an anxious and uncomfortable atmosphere at work, colours your entire outlook and has a detrimental impact on your health. Updating your routines helps to dispel stress, as does an insightful approach to your fitness and welfare.
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