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Change is not your favourite thing. You are known as an earth sign and are cautious, practical and methodical. You feel safest with tangible resources and realities, plus you are grounded in the material sphere. Your temperament is generally reckoned to be fixed, so you are fond of your routines and like to know next Tuesday week, where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing, as a slightly exaggerated example. You are steady, stable, persistent and focussed, but you don’t like developments you weren’t anticipating or unexpected eventualities that require you to deviate from your accustomed route. Occurrences like these unsettle you and make you nervous; but if you think about it, you’ll see change is sometimes for the better and in the end, has regularly been described as the only factor you can depend on, always to remain a constant.

Consequently, a gradual process of mutation and metamorphosis is only to be expected. This is not something you can realistically avoid, either. The habits of your childhood, give way to those of adulthood and are in turn modified and moulded, by your experiences and with maturity. Although certain fundamental tenets and principles persist throughout, nobody would say that believing in Santa Claus for instance, even though it may once have proven central to your world view, would be a sensible concept for you to embrace once you are a grown-up and have children of your own. Abandoning an established idea can be unsettling and bewildering as you realise it doesn’t have a relevance anymore, but occasionally it is necessary for your continued development and to clear the way for a more progressive vision to take its place.
Not every pillar of your belief system needs to update of course, but a continuous evolution is more healthy and appropriate, than an ultimately stagnant situation that keeps you locked in the past, or with a philosophical outlook that no longer suits your environment. Throughout your life periods of flux will seem unnerving and it is tempting to do almost anything, to protect and ensure the status quo. Especially where these transformations have impacted on your finances or possessions you’ll feel especially threatened, as economic stability plays a major role in safeguarding your security.

Thus you may be inclined to stick at a job you loathe, sacrificing your happiness and peace of mind in the interests of bolstering your cash flow. Obviously you have a point, along with a number of expenses and outgoings you cannot ignore, but what price would you put on your misery and dissatisfaction in the meantime, if you were to weigh this up against whatever you stand to gain? Contentment and joy are not available to purchase. It is easy to overlook their value as you contemplate your cost-benefit analysis.

Others might be tempted to remain in a loveless relationship for a number of reasons. To sustain a lifestyle they could never afford on their own, for the sake of their pets and children, to maintain their standing in the community and with their peers or to avoid the need for downsizing and moving to a smaller property. Even in the face of much discord and upset, some will endure these unpleasant consequences just so their fiscal foundations are not threatened. Yet in many cases, the price you’ll pay in other less temporal terms, doesn’t make this a viable proposition. With Jupiter in a fun-loving and expressive area of your horoscope until September, the chances are you’ll feel limitations on your freedom acutely. This area of heavens is connected with taking a gamble, while it also renders the likelihood of success more probable than the average.
: taurus - april 2016/april 2017 :
After September 2016 a rather serious tone prevails and there will be plenty of opportunity to go over the minor details, or to take a practical stance on what has happened beforehand. In the meantime, it is your cosmic obligation to loosen up, to have fun and to enjoy yourself. Romance could be in the stars and although there can be no cast-iron certainty when it comes to love, you should definitely know that by foregoing this opportunity you will miss out on some memorable and worthwhile experiences, that could potentially alter your future forever. Children similarly are to the majority of folk the most creative thing they’ve ever done, so if you want kids a monetary shortfall is never a good reason for delay. And in whatever sphere of activity, this year’s planetary influences impact the most, it is one thing being prudent and aware of your existing circumstances, but another to be holding yourself back, simply because you fear an alternative you haven’t experienced yet.

So where your relationships have seen better days, try in the first place to do all that you can to make them work out pleasantly. If this fails and regardless of the material consequences, have the courage to walk away sooner rather than later, no matter what the cost looks like in budgetary terms. If you’re single and imagine there could be another angle, remember that putting your heart on the line doesn’t come with a written guarantee. But just as using the Internet is an inherently insecure proposition for your computer, few would voluntarily go back to an isolated system again, once they have experienced the wonders of being connected to others via the global network of the World Wide Web.
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