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There is no astrological event in the coming period you could dismiss as unimportant. Likewise there will always be certain developments you’ll notice more than others: because of their rarity, longevity, potency or fallout. Every minor interplanetary contact has some symbolic portent and to varying degrees, cannot be brushed under the carpet. However, picking out a few of the most noteworthy alignments helps you to envisage the next twelve months, without losing sight of the fundamental message, behind what promises to be a formative year. The extended sojourn and retrograde of Mars for example, amid the uppermost reaches of your horoscope until the start of 2019, is bound to create an impact on the professional affairs of many and the wider aims and aspirations of almost everyone, born under the sign of the Bull.

Although your down-to-earth nature and fondness for quantifiable criteria suggest a practical focus predominates; more intangible factors are at work behind your choice of goals and the objectives you are keen to prioritise. Issues of respect are highlighted: how proud you feel of your achievements and whether the world views these likewise. The driving force is your perception of your present circumstances and if this matches up to what you want and hope for, either on a lifelong basis or in your quest to better yourself. Jupiter’s arrival in Sagittarius this November, commences a stay of almost thirteen months, longer than the luckiest planet in our solar system generally remains anywhere. This redefines your connection to the material universe, along with the more prominent position you’re willing to let others play in your affairs.
The months beforehand, see you allow those close to you a more major role on a personal or business basis. Watch out for folk from different backgrounds, ages, cultures, walks of life and regions of the globe. You are not about to throw away, the independence and freedom you have fought for so assiduously. Thus, any association that contributes to your well-being; enlightening and educating rather than limiting and confining, boosting your confidence and turning each day into a voyage of discovery, stands the greatest chance of success. Equally, the impact of Chiron in Aries, makes itself known. This is an intensely personal process that happens very gradually, although others have more input than you’d imagine.

Chiron is a distant body, too small and faint to observe without specialist equipment; but given an elliptical orbit its journey through the Ram, is one of the slowest over any sector of the sky. With a few months’ respite from late September until February, this represents an extended chapter in your history, during which you’ll be able to identify and resolve, some less helpful patterns of behaviour and thought, that long ago outlived their usefulness. At a far-off juncture, these were the mainstays of a coping strategy for dealing with an intractable scenario. Now their vestiges undermine your intentions and simply alienate others, as the causative factors no longer exist.

So this is a process of uncovering who you are today, what made you and where you ought to consider heading from here. Your yardstick for measurement comprises those achievements you value and that appear to be held, most widely in high esteem. The success or failure of your closest relationships, both professionally and on a personal level, has a special significance: when it comes to assessing your level of satisfaction. However, despite their combined importance, the collective impact of these auguries is dwarfed by one further cosmic update, defining the next eight years.
: taurus - april 2018/april 2019 :
While the idea of change is never high on your list of enjoyable prospects, there are occasions when this is a necessary and unavoidable process. Public torture and burning at the stake were after all, once considered great family entertainment: yet there are few who would advocate these in the civilised world. Blood sports are being consigned to the past, although their global elimination is a protracted business. Uranus brings change in unexpected ways, but its action is most severe where you cling to the past for reasons of inertia, uncertainty, fear or striving to safeguard your security. At eighty-four years to circuit the Sun and seven years on average to travel through each sign, Uranus has only been in your constellation twice since it was spotted by William Herschel, from the garden of his town house in 1781.

A glance at events during these two periods reveals the revolutionary nature of this planet’s effects; its penchant for discovery, the resistance that a major turnabout often precipitates and the beneficial outcomes that ultimately change society for the better. Last time around Uranus saw the rise of Adolf Hitler and the start of World War II; but also witnessed the invention of nylon and the ballpoint pen, the synthesis of Plutonium and LSD, great strides in computing, plus scheduled high-definition television broadcasts. Previously, the Crimean War was countered, by the first synthetic dye and rise of the chemical industry; the isolation of cocaine, advances in nursing, genetics and the theory of evolution. It is obvious that while unsettling, Uranus equals progress. Some counter these outcomes, but life won’t ever be the same again.
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