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The prospect of change is not your best call. Among the zodiac signs, yours is traditionally the least likely to be tempted by an update to your circumstances. But as with much astrological lore that has been handed down over generations, often without any real attempt to check periodically on the facts, or even take a glance at a changing sky and the condition of the stellar fiduciary, this isn’t necessarily the entire picture. But let’s at first outline the usual theories, with a brief introduction to astrological archetypes and how the members of the zodiac can be categorised by character traits they share. Initially, the twelve constellations are divided into three segments known as the quadruplicities.

These each have four constituents, depending on broader behaviours that link them together. In general, the cardinal signs are initiators and prove active, courageous, vigorous and enterprising, displaying initiative and good leadership skills. The mutable signs are communicative: they are multifaceted, versatile and adaptable; in addition they possess a talent for networking. The fixed signs are the organisers of the zodiac and apart from a little more structure, would prefer things to stay as they are. It will not be a huge surprise to learn this is your quality: since you are steady, persistent, stable and intense. Some may call you stubborn; while you’d agree your opinion does not change often and is rarely, if ever swayed. Similarly, the nature of each constellation is technically classified by its element as well. These are referred to as the triplicities, which seems curious from the outset as they number four in all. Still, if you think about it, each one comprises three components.
The three fire signs are brisk, enthusiastic, optimistic, energetic and alert. The air signs are logical, cerebral, intellectual, rational and focussed on the constructs of their conscious mind. The water signs are deep, sensitive, emotional, receptive and intuitive. Your own element is earth: meaning you are methodical, conservative, practical and cautious. You are acutely aware of material realities, so you focus on tangible assets and criteria. Of the four elements, earth sits easiest with you. You are rather accurately, down-to-earth.

Each combination of quadruplicity and triplicity is unique because with twelve asterisms in total, there is only one member of each quality belonging to every element. Your own signature is thus ‘fixed earth,’ so there is not a more immovable mixture that struggles harder to cope with shifting circumstances. On a positive note: this makes you loyal, persistent, steadfast and determined once you have set your mind to an objective. Less favourably, you tend to resist any modification of your circumstances, even when you know there is a clear advantage to accepting another position.

Transformations of your own making are a different matter, even if they do take a long while to bring about. After all, you always err on the side of indolence over the slimmest chance of prematurity. It is those updates forced upon you that you find so hard to assimilate. Otherwise, how is it that such renowned revolutionaries as Karl Marx, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Maximilien Robespierre, Ho Chi Minh and Josip Tito, were all born under the sign of the Bull? Review in comparison those not so famous for their radical ideas as for how strictly they adhered to them and expected others to do the same. Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Jim Jones, Tony Blair and Emperor Hirohito for example, all of whom arranged the world to fit their point of view. So to prepare yourself fully for the coming year and those thereafter, it is helpful to review your instinctive reactions.
: taurus - april 2017/april 2018 :
Consequently, you’ll then be able to face these events with equanimity, or even look forward to the improved scenario that will prevail, in the happy and constructive light these advances warrant. Although you’ll never relish a huge reworking of your everyday environment, you can expect these developments to turn out well for you, even if you aren’t exactly filled with glee at their onset. Consider where life falls short of your expectations; then treat this year and those afterwards as your chance, for you to work together with the cosmos and to bring about this long-overdue renaissance. From October onwards you’ll encounter events, serving to liberate you from the repressive circumstances that previously squashed your individuality and weakened your potential. Only not every routine or responsibility is inevitably a cause for concern.

It is those that no longer serve a purpose equivalent to the time and energy you devote to them that are the problem, along with others that now simply hold you back. Your relationships are a big part of this equation, so where these prove unsatisfactory or non-existent, this is one sphere of your experience where you’ll notice a marked improvement, potentially from the final quarter of 2017 and on into 2018. You have a sense that it is possible to feel more in control of your life again and to keep those around you, who support this outcome rather than undermining and sabotaging it. During May 2018, shortly after the beginning of your next astrological year, Uranus arrives in your sign for a visit lasting almost eight years, bar a few months here and there. Be vigilant, as by the end of this period, life won’t ever be the same again…
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