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At first a preponderance, then ultimately all the outer planets, highlight the western hemisphere of your horoscope. So you can look forward to a juncture when the needs and expectations of others, assume a greater prominence in your everyday affairs than you’ll have noticed previously. To a significantly increased extent, this continues a trend you’ve suspected for a number of years. Your happiness has at times been scarily dependent on the actions and behaviour of those around you and in one way or another, the folk to whom you are intimately attached. For the majority, this has impacted massively on your domestic and family affairs; while the effect has extended to each one of your interpersonal associations, both past and present. Unsurprisingly, your love life has not been immune and a multitude of unexpected financial ramifications, have added to the fallout. Often, you’ve have to tackle a complex and opaque mix of all these factors, rolled into one.

Jupiter’s arrival in Sagittarius from the second week of November, sees the beginning of its transit through the bottommost sector of your chart, a journey set to finish finally in December 2019. This compartment of your personal take on the heavens, pertains to your home and immediate relatives: such as your parents and mother, in particular. But it also extends to your siblings, your children and most widely to all women, including the nurturing principle itself. Jupiter is a positive, fortunate and optimistic influence, considered to be the luckiest in the cosmos. Its only downside is commonly extravagance and excess: both outcomes that given insight, you can readily moderate and bridle.
Jupiter displays a huge affinity with this region of your horoscope. Symbolically, it is strongly placed and technically, it is considered to be exalted. Although linked with travel, this is one section of its orbit that consistently distracts you from any wanderlust: unless you are intent on reuniting faraway family members; revisiting a place that featured as a formative backdrop to your youth, or you are thinking about living overseas. Besides, nothing can stop you researching fresh vistas from your armchair: or assessing your options, planning for the future and exploring a new take on it all.

Under these trends, as a rule, you are better not to focus on your career or the pursuit of professional objectives. Rather, this is a moment for establishing firm foundations: while ensuring these continue to prove wholly reliable and can constitute a solid base for additional progress further down the line, once other activities return to the forefront. Practically, this means struggling to make certain your domestic situation continues to be the pleasant and satisfying haven you once dreamt it might be, considering what sits comfortably with your circumstances. At the very least, this is an opportunity to redecorate, renovate and to brighten up your surroundings; to expand the size and scope of your immediate circle or even to move house. A more spacious home, in a better neighbourhood and a safer environment; are equally outcomes of the same ilk. In one way or the other, each fits the bill precisely.

This process may mean extensive updates: especially as it looks likely, your decision in no negligible terms, is heavily influenced by the attitude and opinions of others: both materially and from a less tangible perspective. Between November 2018 and March 2019, Uranus moves back into an area of your chart linked with the unanticipated, so keep a little in reserve and don’t overextend yourself when loans, credit cards and interest rates all tempt you.
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The more self-reliant you can be the better, even when this goes against those natural impulses stemming from your softer side. Issues arise you’d previously thought were behind you; while this won’t be the last time you will need to address them. Chiron’s return to your partnership zone from September 2018 until the middle of February 2019, is bound to have its own impact on this journey. It suggests that while money matters constitute an unavoidable evil, the implications appear considerably more personal than simply business alone. In a way, cultivating independence and a framework within which you can function unilaterally, goes against the grain. Your idea of a perfect relationship stretches beyond prosaic concerns and in a perfect world, ignores humdrum issues entirely. However, any worthwhile liaison, must function both in theory and reality. This means you are sensible taking your time, even with somebody who checks all the right boxes.

Allow any contemporary you talk to and with whom you’d like to share more than a casual conversation, plenty of time to prove themselves. Make sure their obvious charm and promised depths, are matched by a sustainable honesty and integrity. Whether it’s a colleague in your sights: your partner, a suitor or a new friend, some difference in age between you works to your advantage. You are drawn to a sense of responsibility and a strong work ethic: along with loyalty, integrity and trustworthiness. A passionate approach wouldn’t go amiss, plus an unwillingness to compromise on fundamental principles. Chronological age doesn’t really count; it is the fresh perspective you’ll admire…
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