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Your sign continues in the spotlight this year, although by now you’ve most likely had your fill of all the cosmic attention and are uncertain about how another round of such intense celestial activity is going to benefit you at all. If you have learned nothing else from the past year or so, which hopefully won’t be true, you’ll know a backstage position used to have a number of advantages. You have been reminded that you are not the type who is cut out for what loosely can be described as, so much excitement. But rest assured there is a purpose to what has been happening and what you have been going through for some months, even if the outcome and lessons you’ve taken on board are not really welcome, entirely palatable or what you had thought that Jupiter, the most fortunate influence in the heavens, would hold in store.

Jupiter has been in your sign since August 2015 and departs from your region of the heavens on September 9. Yet a total solar eclipse occurs nearby in zodiacal terms, a mere eight days beforehand that sets the tenor for the months lying ahead. It ensures that while you are increasingly aware of your options and also of a number you didn’t know existed until fairly recently, the choices that you’re faced with making during this period, are more complicated and intricate as a consequence of the broadened horizons you’ll have seen. Total solar eclipses only happen because the Sun is four hundred times larger than our Moon, but also four hundred times further away. The Moon’s orbit is not perfectly circular and its distance from the Earth varies a lot over the course of a lunar month, by around 13% during 2016 alone.
When it is further away, the Moon looks smaller and does not cover the solar disc completely. Even when its alignment is exact, it leaves a bright ring called the annulus visible around a dark centre. Technically, it is an annular eclipse and while you’ll only catch its full glory across central Africa and Madagascar this time around, a partial eclipse will be seen right across the African continent bar the far north, the south-west of the Arabian Peninsula and even in a minor way, from so far away as Sumatra.

This is the first annular eclipse to occur since April 2014. It lasts just over three minutes across a path nearly 62 miles wide, with the Sun 97.4% covered at its maximum. It is an intensification of the partial eclipse seen over Antarctica and southern Africa on September 13, 2015 that also took place in your sign. As well as happening again in your part of the sky, those in southern Africa at least, also have a repeat performance and the effects of both eclipses will be felt especially strongly. Otherwise, the impact is worldwide; even if you don’t catch the main event its effects will be palpable everywhere, with an emphasis on those born under your constellation, but also on everybody else. The fallout lasts until the next eclipse arrives at the end of February 2017, which puts those inhabiting southern Africa into the spotlight over again.

So this eclipse and Jupiter’s departure from your sign implies, a number of questions about your present circumstances and of course, where you’ll go from here. Our largest planet is frequently connected with good fortune, exceptional success, academic excellence and travel broadening your mind. But its effect through a modest and demure sign like yours, is muted and sublime. Besides bigger vistas, Jupiter is also linked with the concept of personal freedom. Where your relationships and lifestyle choices allow you to express yourself fully, there is not a case to answer…
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But when a niggling sense of impediment has been bothering you for a while, Jupiter’s stay will have planted the seeds of a less limiting set of circumstances, that develop further once the eclipse has taken place on September 1. In the light of the deep thought inspired by Mercury, your ruler and also placed in your constellation as your anniversary arrives, turning retrograde less than two days beforehand and inspiring you to direct its energy inward: this eclipse heralds a period of introspection. Mercury, a planet of thought and logic spends a lengthy 69 days in your sign, to kick off this twelve-month period and finish the last, with its retrograde cycle as roughly the central point, closer to the end than its beginning. The solar eclipse marks a fork in the road, a point for you to reassess who you are and have become nowadays, where what you’re aiming towards and hope to achieve, is predetermined by circumstances that are no longer relevant to you.

Thus you have three essential tasks. The first involves realigning your aspirations to fit the person you have grown and struggled to be. The second is to put this into practice, seeking ways in which you can apply your knowledge to your everyday life and make improvements along concrete and tangible lines. Finally, there is the necessity of looking at all your relationships and especially at those where your domestic situation is involved. Much may change for the better on the home front, but often with a degree of hardship, heartache or scarcity as the catalyst. Nonetheless you must ensure those who are meant to be working with you, are not in fact undermining your best interests.
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