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A period of change lies ahead for everybody. Those born during the second half of the year as you were, can expect this to ensue sooner rather than later. Jupiter is the first planet to shift focus, leaving Libra for the adjacent sign of Scorpio on October 10. Money matters have been a concern for a number of years and continue to be throughout the coming months, even thereafter too. You have always been quite concerned with this side of life and about your finances in general. Still, during 2018 and beyond you gradually come to acknowledge a greater sense of safety and security. This helps you feel increasingly at ease, almost like the most unsettling aspects of any upheaval are already history. Yet in several ways, the months subsequent to Jupiter’s movements aren’t so prosperous as those that came beforehand.

Jupiter’s stay in Libra has been for you at least, an affluent and reassuring phase, suiting in particular those keen to ensure a greater degree of freedom and independence, while liberating you from previous limitations and constraints. You have managed to meet your outgoings and indulge a few luxuries, so it is your cash flow that has been active and healthy, rather than your swelling savings account. Many of the economic issues you have faced since the turn of the current decade, have occurred as a consequence of changes in the nature of your interpersonal relationships. Altered arrangements between you and those close to you, have transformed the way you fit into and interact with the material universe, impacting consequently on your fiscal circumstances and updating your situation across the board.
A typical example that will feature for a number involves the fallout from a romantic liaison. Say for instance, you married and set up home with your new partner. Or alternatively, you divorced and bar any settlement, were left fending for yourself again. Both signify a complete turnaround, where the fallout extends beyond matters of the heart and has an impact on your pocketbook. One looks a lot more positive in the shorter term, but both can end up in an encouraging vein if you take the long view and examine what eventuates, once you’re looking back with the benefit of hindsight.

Mortgages, loans and credit have played a part in the affairs of a number, while others have entertained complicated financial arrangements that have stretched your personal resources to the maximum. These may have involved an institution geared towards the provision of funding, or it could mean a messy link across the generations that definitely isn’t suited to this purpose. Although lately the situation has been calmer, you have otherwise needed to deal with the unexpected and also to make provision for it. Fortunately, a more stable situation prevails from April and May 2018 onwards. Gradually, you begin to believe that you have addressed various more hurtful experiences and can even discern a token sense of strength and solace within the outcome.

Ultimately in the future, you may be able to gather together sufficient wisdom and knowledge, to be able to help others in a similar place to where you have found yourself. It seems that your domestic and family concerns have also proven to be a massive responsibility. You may have needed to move house: to downsize or could have bitten off more than you can chew, in terms of your ambitions and expenditure. Maybe your home has required expensive repairs, modernisation and remodelling, or relatives have asked plenty from you in terms of the burdens you shoulder.
: virgo - august 2017/august 2018 :
Where you’re living the atmosphere has been formal and unforgiving, but at least this marks a starting point for what you never want again. The year 2018 in particular, commences a more outward-looking phase, as you come to realise and appreciate that introspection only offers so many answers to your insecurities and anxieties. You’ll recognise you have reached a turning point, where you’re expected to look outside yourself in order to avoid this kind of insularity. Your voyage begins with small steps; in the immediate vicinity of where you live, among your neighbours and around your locality. Turning inwards is fine, but one day you will need to go beyond your front door. You wouldn’t want to feel that past it, you inhabit an alien environment. Your year commences with Mercury retrograde in your sign. This is a period, for looking at the influences contributing to who you are and putting these insights into action throughout the world surrounding you.

Generally speaking, the worries you’ve been facing start to recede and you are able to discern the earliest stages, of a more encouraging trend beginning to germinate. This all depends on leaving the past behind you, while those who have children need to remember how they are your future embodied and made flesh. Bringing them up is a demanding call, since the reality is a different concept from the one sold to you by the advertising industry. While your offspring may be a long chalk from the supportive individuals you hoped they’d be, what you say and do with them has a more far-reaching impact than you’d imagine. As life improves steadily, ensure they form a part of this journey.
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