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Astrology of the New Centaurs ~ Collated by Juan Antonio Revilla in Costa Rica. Comprises a comprehensive analyses of the astronomy of the centaurs, with a detailed commentary on their astrological symbolism. Download the excellent Riyal software for free, then calculate your centaur placings for yourself.
Astrology Recipes ~ It is a brave individual ready to recommend recipes for the twelve zodiac signs. If there is one thing guaranteed to encourage a barrage of ill-informed criticism, my money would be on this and a couple of other options. Yet I enjoyed Tara Pierce’s new site and wish to bring it to your attention. Dietary advice is a part of the picture…
Astrology-Research.Net ~ Website of the RGCSA, the Research Group for the Critical Study of Astrology, based at the University of Southampton within the UK. The RGCSA aims to monitor standards and to promote sound research methodology. There’s a growing collection of research articles to be enjoyed online…
Astroqueer’s Stars ~ Actively and challengingly maintained with humour by Sy Scholfield from Australia, this site includes extensive gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender celebrity data, a fascinating collection of articles on related issues of sexuality and links to sympathetic astrologers. A vital resource for the 21st. Century, wouldn’t you say?
A Tale of Internet Astrology ~ What a sad story. Obviously everyone is feeling rather litigious, so I’m presenting this for interest and am not saying much. But for a tool that’s supposed to help us get along better, what a shame for astrology to be involved in it. Also, I wonder if all those happy surfers realise, their horoscope just comes out of a machine?
Baby Names and Astrology ~ Moonastro.com is a Vedic astrology website based in Kolkata, West Bengal. I was drawn to this unusual section that tries to analyse your given name or that of a new baby, according to astrological criteria. Remember if you avail yourself of their chart calculation service, the sidereal zodiac won’t be quite the same as the one we’d use in the West.
Bitchscopes ~ I don’t know whether you’ll have noticed, but the perenially popular Astrologywizard Bitchscopes have been expanded, to include even more venom and vitriol directed towards every constellation in the zodiac and at any hapless individual within range. Their purpose is to make you laugh, or to wince and grimace awkwardly at the least.
Book of Zodiac Insults ~ My bitchscopes have been popular with people all over the world, since I wrote them in a fit of pique a few years back. Here’s the sequel, served cold with illustrations, courtesy of my friend the Cosmic Snail. If you see anything nearly so good elsewhere on the Internet, you’ll let me know about it then, don’t you think?
Brightstarlights ~ Brightstarlights looks at fashion and celebrity through an astrological lens. I was especially impressed with this feature, inspired by the annual Costume Institute gala in New York, looking at the astrology behind some of the most glamorous women there and how their zodiac sign is reflected in their outfit for the night…
Casebooks Project ~ Simon Foreman and Richard Napier were two popular astrologers in early modern England, the former taught the latter his technique. This project is digitising their surviving casebooks; recounting who they saw and what they were asked about during the years 1596-1634. That totals roughly 80,000 consultations with 90% resting on medical matters…
Celtic Tree Astrology ~ The Celtic tree zodiac is a lovely idea, especially for those in the British Isles who have lived with these species since childhood. But according to people in the know, its origins stretch back only so far as 1946 and to the fertile imagination of Robert Graves. This doesn’t prevent a widespread interest though, among those keen to understand themselves.
Centaur Research Project ~ To learn more about Chiron and the other cosmic centaurs, visit Robert von Heeren’s heavyweight site. You’ll find a full explanation of their astronomy, discovery, surrounding mythology and developing astrological symbolism. There’s an online ephemeris for your reference as well.
Chopper’s Horoscopes ~ Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read was one of Australia’s most infamous and violent criminals, but found fame in his middle years as an author, media personality and celebrity. This sketch featuring Heath Franklin imagines Chopper presenting your horoscope. Please note, it is not for those who are offended by strong language…
Constellations of Words ~ Anne Wright always used to run the definitive fixed star reference for astrologers on the Web. This went offline and was presumed deceased, so it is great to see her back with an even better offering. From an interpretation point of view there is more on the constellations, their myths and associations than you’ll find anywhere else.
Continuum ~ Website of the Jim Lewis Slayden Foundation, a non-profit charitable division of the Astro*Carto*Graphy Trust and based in California in the USA. Continnuum is devoted to the promotion of Astro*Carto*Graphy techniques, together with other methods for further investigation involving astrology, physics and related disciplines.
Corpus Nostradamus ~ A corpus in an academic context, represents a body of knowledge or evidence, in particular the complete works of an author and presented in electronic form. Patrice Guinard is attempting to do just that for the sixteenth-century French seer Michel de Nostredame, whose name is more often Latinised as Nostradamus. This resource is mainly en français
Cosmitec Astrological Compatibility Advice ~ This site is currently being developed by Luc De Jaeger and is entirely devoted to the astrological understanding of human relationships. There are sections on Sun and Moon sign compatibility, sexual astrology and astrological fertility based on the work of Dr. Eugen Jonas.