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Characters from Astrology for Kids, with illustrations by the Cosmic Snail.

A unique selection of exclusive items designed especially for your own birth sign…

The Cosmic Snail, that most illustrious and reclusive denizen of this cybersociety’s hidden twelfth house, whose quirky and individualistic imaginings already feature across this website, has once more put her pen to paper with a range of merchandise you cannot find anywhere else, bringing these zodiac characters to life in singular products for adults and children of every age.

In partnership with Zazzle, featuring outlets across 99.99% of the world…

Zazzle is the world’s leading platform for unusual, quality and bespoke products, helping professional artists and major brands like Disney, create and offer products for customers worldwide, with a huge variety of custom items. Gifts and clothing are instantly and precisely visualised, while each order is produced and shipped on demand, typically within only twenty-four hours.

So far, Zazzle maintains a network of sites in the localities listed, though feel free to order from anywhere you like. Follow the links to see all we have to offer for yourself, or pick a country from the bottom of this page and get prices in your own currency.

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