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A Course in Natal Astrology ~ Looking around this week’s featured destination, might attract you to several other avenues of investigation I am not promoting, nor dismissing either. I should simply like to seize the opportunity to give a special mention to this curriculum of online study, that will guide you through the principles of understanding your astrological birthchart.
Ask Kevin ~ Despite writing to Kevin Burk at least twice about exchanging links, I have never received any reply. Still the ethos behind my own website rises above such trivial concerns, so here is Kevin addressing your questions around learning astrology. I don’t agree with everything he says, but his video responses make easy listening.
AstroCocktail ~ Most students of astrology who have studied more than a little, will remember John Townley, author of Planets in Love and several other titles. This is his website, which John runs in person along with his wife Susan. It is probably unnecessary to say any more, but do visit the news section while you’re there!
Astro Insight ~ Jagdish C. Maheshri is a PhD and a chemical engineer, who has enjoyed an interest in astrology for several decades now. He is an active member of the astrological community both in the US and internationally via his website, which looks at current world affairs from the point of view of Vedic astrology in particular.
Astrologers Calm Over Pluto ~ Well, this one anyway. Here’s my own take on the recent Pluto debacle, ably translated by Karen Leigh of TIME magazine. Astrologers often say the ten planets meaning the Sun and Moon too, although we know the former is a star and the latter is our satellite. So whether a planet or a dwarf planet, Pluto is there and that’s what matters to us!
Astrological Association of Great Britain ~ Of course they’d love you to join, but nonetheless this site freely offers a selection of articles from the AA’s bimonthly journal, plus unrestricted access to Transit, now only available in its online form. The Association’s chart database is for members only, however…
Astrological Lodge of London ~ Founded by Alan Leo in 1915 to further the study of astrology, the Astrological Lodge is still going strong today. On their website you’ll find more about the history of the Lodge itself, details of their meetings and classes, selected articles from their quarterly publication and a useful data section.
Astrological Principles ~ For those who’d like to take astrology further than the characteristics of your Sun sign, this section of Astrologywizard.com would be well worth your time. You’ll find clear explanations of the essentials and some uniquely interactive presentations, taking you from a beginner’s level into the real study of advanced astrology for yourself.
Astrology Today: A Conversation ~ A good-humoured if heated debate at first, on the place of astrology in the modern world, following the demise of British astrologer Jonathan Cainer. It was aired as part of the Talkback show by BBC Radio Ulster on May 4, 2016. William Crawley is the genial host, Adrianne Peltz is a cordial adversary, while your astrologer today is Paul Wade.
Astrology Zone® by Susan Miller ~ Susan Miller is well known in the US where she writes for the New York Daily News. Her website features love, fitness, relaxation, holidays and gifts for each of twelve zodiac signs. There are also book selections, monthly forecasts and an especially active notice board.
Be Your Own Astrologer ~ Okay, so it’s this site really! I thought you’d be interested to hear my latest book, now has both UK and US editions, plus has been translated into French, German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish and Estonian. Home Astrology, my first book, is available in UK and US editions, plus Estonian. Discerning people those Estonians, wouldn’t you say?