* monthly * horoscopes - july 2018
- aries : the ram - aries
march 20 - april 19
Chiron turns retrograde in your sign. This is neither infrequent nor unexpected in itself, since from our perspective, this distant and diminutive body spends 40% of each year in reverse. However, since this planetoid has been in your constellation less than three months, marking its first stay ever if you’re under fifty, the change of pace takes you by surprise. This short-lived period has featured an upswing in your self-belief and confidence, that you weren’t expecting to see questioned so soon. Though any delay is unwelcome, the universe reckons a review looks better, than building on foundations that are not certain…
taurus - taurus : the bull -
april 20 - may 20
It’s important not to imagine you face insurmountable difficulties; or to take obstacles too seriously, when there are plenty of positive trends counterbalancing these issues. But it is the nature of our experience for matters that progress without additional effort, to occupy less of our attention than those demanding more focus. Uranus in your sign is encouraging you, to peep beyond the edges of your rut, where for the most part you’ve been comfortable. Certain changes are probably, inevitable in the end. You worry about their impact on those closest to you; but can allay these fears by providing for the security of your loved ones…
- gemini : the twins - gemini
may 21 - june 20
Since you are governed by Mercury, the closest planet to our Sun, those regular occasions when your ruler turns retrograde, affect you more than most. July is such a month, with Mercury engaging reverse in Leo, the third and final consecutive cycle to both begin and end in a fire sign. Mercury’s retrogrades are not unusual and last between 19-25 days every 100 days: or roughly three weeks, three times a year. With your unique take on the sky, these have caused you to review the dynamics of your interpersonal relationships. More intimately last December; socially four months ago and now, in neighbourhood affairs.
cancer - cancer : the crab -
june 21 - july 22
Eclipses of the Sun and Moon aren’t really rare. At least one of each occurs somewhere in the world, every six months at the outside. But solar eclipses are only seen very locally, while a lunar eclipse is more widely witnessed, everywhere with clear skies it is dark. So while there may be a few folk in Tasmania, heartened by just 3.5% of the Sun covered on this Friday 13th, there will be a handful of scientists at the maximum, catching 23% obscuration in eastern Antarctica. Equally, you’ll need to look closely, for the chance to make a major change. It is easier to avert your gaze, or continue with unproductive behaviour…
- leo : the lion - leo
july 23 - august 22
A number of interplanetary influences, collectively point the same way. It has been six years since Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, both started and finished its retrograde cycle in your sign. A slightly longer period has elapsed since an eclipse of the Sun, put the spotlight however briefly, on your inner motivations and what drives you, perhaps at such a profound and private level, you found it hard to acknowledge the ramifications. You face a crossroads: while the answer lies not so much with your own choices and decisions, but the extent to which you’re genuinely willing to include others in your plans.
virgo - virgo : the maiden -
august 23 - september 22
On July 10, Venus arrives in your sign and stays until August. The brightest object in the night sky bar our satellite the Moon, is unmistakeably good news and circuits the zodiac once a year, sticking close to the solar sphere. Observers usually catch this planet shortly after sunset or a little later, brilliant in the same direction as the Sun. While the regularity of its arrival marks it out as the harbinger of huge expectations, the more often an influence presents itself, the less likely it is to represent a life-altering experience. But, never mind. Neither exaggerate nor underestimate a welcome trend, for your love life and your finances…
- libra : the scales - libra
september 23 - october 22
Periodically, it is only reasonable to question the choices you have made and look again, at your options. But a partial solar eclipse in the uppermost sector of your horoscope on July 13, is not considering it’s a Friday, the bad news you might fear. Those active in the world of work particularly, may wish to review their prospects and whether, the future continues to look bright. A few days earlier, Jupiter in your money zone, jolts forward after a lengthy retrograde. If you’re ready to apply yourself, your financial prospects look rosy. While your security remains paramount, there is still room for manoeuvre or even speculation…
scorpio - scorpio : the scorpion -
october 23 - november 21
Before science developed the technology to map distant space, stargazers linked Mars with two zodiac constellations, that seemed to have something in common. Even after Pluto took yours over soon after its discovery, you’ll still encounter shades of red associated with both Aries and Scorpio; along with thorny plants, Tuesday and the number nine. July highlights both these signs, as Jupiter moves forward in your sector of the sky and Chiron turns retrograde in Aries. If you want more from life than you’re getting just now, your routines need reorganisation. Neither should your health be allowed, to become a sticking point.
- sagittarius : the archer - sagittarius
november 22 - december 21
Mars in Aquarius equals a busy month, while its retrograde cycle that continues throughout, sees you facing issues you believed were laid to rest. It’s a scenario you’ll inevitably find frustrating: as you are drawn to review, reconsider and address the minor intricacies of contractual negotiations and less formal arrangements, you thought had been settled ages ago. Such minutiae aren’t ever your strongest suit, while a volatile atmosphere gets folk hot under the collar, unsettling your equilibrium. Be careful with potentially hazardous activities and sharp instruments, when you are in a hurry or your mind is elsewhere.
capricorn - capricorn : the sea-goat -
december 22 - january 19
The solar eclipse of July 13 is best witnessed from a remote location in eastern Antarctica, as the Sun struggles over the horizon, starting a sub-zero day of under four hours. You’re unlikely to catch this event, but the fallout is global and impacts primarily on your closest relationships. These may have a social, personal or commercial basis: with an ambience ranging from happiness and fun; through trouble and competition, to an unmistakable malignancy. This is not a good juncture for others to maintain, more of an interest in your finances. Once cash is out of the equation, you can tackle the proceedings dispassionately.
- aquarius : the water-bearer - aquarius
january 20 - february 18
The cosmos puts you in the spotlight. Only it doesn’t feel like you’d expected, as Mars keeps you on your toes and Jupiter augments your public profile. To an outside observer, you appear to have the situation in hand as you reap the rewards of an ambitious trajectory, you’ve maintained for longer than many recall. It is just from your foxhole on the ground, it is all such unremittingly hard work: while the consequences exert their toll, both physically and psychologically. You’d be unwise pretending, life is plain-sailing. But take a step back from the coalface occasionally, to look around and maybe experience another viewpoint.
pisces - pisces : the fishes -
february 19 - march 19
For a number of years to come, Neptune continues through your sign. On the plus side the influence of this planet heightens your intuition, in addition to strengthening whatever faith you consider sacrosanct. Since Neptune is routinely connected with your sign, you’ll experience its positive effects in the main, even though some doubt and confusion continues to prevail. Be aware, July is not a month for lasting decisions, as the picture is yet to clarify from the point of view of circumstances and what you want. But several planetary configurations are urging you to go with the flow. Don’t prematurely, rush making up your mind.
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